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Apadmi Newspaper 2017

Apr 07, 2017 - Blog

The world of mobile is constantly changing. New innovations are announced all the time; from both hardware and device manufacturers, to app developers and technology creators.

In fact, there’s so much news in the mobile world it’s often difficult to keep up with what’s already happened, and what new stargazing innovations are going to be ‘the next big thing’.

That’s why we created the Apadmi Newspaper to summarise what’s important in the world of mobile, including:

  • Technology trends we’re likely to see in 2017
  • Collaboration in the technology sector (and why it matters)
  • What consumers are expecting of retailers in an increasingly mobile world
  • The future of the travel industry
  • Digital transformation in the NHS

And what newspaper would be complete without a crossword? Turn to page 15 and see if you can crack our mobile technology crossword special.