The State of Retail Post-Covid

We examine the challenges within the retail industry post-Covid, and how Apadmi’s Going Mobile Retail Report can help businesses adapt to change.

Apadmi & Wattbike: Driving Innovation

We’ve got exciting news sports fans!  Apadmi has been appointed as the innovation partner for the massive indoor smart bike brand Wattbike.  This is an exciting announcement for team Apadmi, and we’re all eagerly waiting at the start line to begin this large-scale digital transformation project. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come from […]

Apadmi’s Black Friday Forecast

Just four Friday’s before Christmas Day, Black Friday is known as one of the biggest shopping days ahead of the festive period. But what impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had on how Black Friday will run this year? Black Friday goes way back. Back in 1869, when the gold market crashed and Wall Street barons […]

The October Apple Event, what’s new?

The October Apple Event might have been a little later than usual this year (for obvious reasons), but there wasn’t anything too unexpected in 2020’s autumn showcase. We got an expected refresh of iPhones, an exclusive 5G name drop, a petite addition to the HomePod range and some interesting evolution of the underlying tech.Our mobile […]

Know Before You Code: the power and pain of product refinement

Product refinement is a hot topic within our agile development process here at Apadmi. It’s critical to the success of any product that each stakeholder has a deep understanding of why and what we’re all building right from the off – as it helps to turn a ‘collection of features’ into a really great product that users will love. […]

Retail resilience revisited: 10 weeks on

Just over two months ago, as lockdown started to ease, we explored the idea of Retail Resilience, and the digital approach or technology tactics that high-street stores and bars might adopt to help them trade as they re-opened their doors. So, what’s happened? Have we seen swathes of new mobile apps and brand new retail […]

Facilitating client workshops – online!

As a digital-focussed agency, we’ve been fortunate that COVID-19 hasn’t had a huge impact on our day-to-day work, other than missing the human interaction of seeing each other in the office.  But one area has proved difficult to replicate online and left us wishing we could all get together with hundreds of post-its for a […]

Our thoughts on WWDC 2020

WWDC (from home) has come and gone with significantly less by way of extended audience applause, significantly more Memoji avatars, but the same plethora of updates to the Apple ecosystem. No new consumer hardware announced this year, but there were plenty of software updates, big changes coming to the Mac and much more in amongst […]

#SportTechTalk: In conversation with Richard Lang, SPOK’D

Welcome to the first Apadmi #SportTechTalk – an interview series dedicated to all things sport, tech and digital. Here, our sports lead David Stevenson speaks to Richard Lang, Founder of cycling software tool SPOK’D. At Apadmi, we’re fascinated by the increasing role that technology and data can have in transforming both fan engagement and athletic […]