10 questions with Garry Partington

CEO. Co-founder of Apadmi. Mobile innovator.  Garry Partington wears a lot of hats around the Apadmi office. Always approachable, he has a particular talent for memorising the names of every member of team Apadmi – something that’s been put to the test as we’ve grown past 200 employees.  We caught up with Garry to learn […]

Five key trends in health and fitness apps in 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 was a huge year for health and fitness apps.  Some reports claim as much as a 150% increase in health and fitness app downloads. However, after the lockdown boom in healthcare and fitness that we covered a few weeks back, we’ve been wondering “what’s next” for the sector. Apadmi is […]

Why app development should be part of your 2021 food & beverage strategy

Food delivery app revenue in the UK hit almost $6 billion in 2020 – a $1.1 billion increase from 2019. While there were a few factors that contributed to this growth, the obvious market force was the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many food and beverage companies to move to a mobile solution for the first […]

Android Spring Update: Our thoughts

Android Spring Update

Last week, Android shared a new blog post, ‘Your Android is now even safer — and 5 other new features’ where they detailed six new features for Android devices that will be appearing throughout Spring.  The announcement was a quick read with a couple of interesting highlights; we think these innovations could open up new […]

Single Customer View: The next leap forward in conversion optimisation

Single Customer View

It’s becoming increasingly rare to find businesses that only operate across a single channel. As many industries have diversified and incorporated apps, websites, social and more into their transactional toolkit, it’s common practice for customers to interact with a business in many different ways before making a purchase. This poses a challenge in some areas; […]

The Importance Of Mobile To Market Research In 2021 Post-Covid

McKinsey recently published a report detailing the changes in consumer behaviour during and post-COVID. The report covers many aspects of consumer behaviour – but shows a clear change when it comes to what customers now see as important. What’s most interesting about this shift, is that McKinsey predicts it will stick in the post-COVID world.  […]

The Future Of Mobile In Financial Services – Kevin Mountford (Co-founder of Raisin UK)

Apadmi has worked with many leading names in the financial services sector, supplying mobile-first solutions that helped them mitigate many of the challenges of their industry. We pride ourselves on standing out from the pack through our sector-specific knowledge and constant research.  Recently, the financial services industry has seen a lot of disruption from both […]

IAS Streaming Wars Report: Why 2021 will be massive for streaming

OTT streaming services and connected TV (CTV) have boomed in recent years, disrupting both the entertainment and sport industries more heavily than most.  Recently, IAS published their Streaming Wars Report looking at the state of streaming and highlighting some possible trends over the next 12 months. The report collates data from hundreds of UK consumers […]

The importance of mindfulness in the workplace, with Caroline Blundell


2020 proved to be a turbulent year for many, as Coronavirus took us away from our offices and lockdown meant many had to work from home.  While working from home can seem like an attractive prospect to many, we’ve also seen the mental stress it can cause, as the separation between work and life becomes […]

Latest ORCHA healthcare report shows app boom during lockdown

ORCHA, the world’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation, released their COVID-19: Digital Health Trends & Opportunities For 2021 Report this month, and we’ve been fascinated by their findings at Apadmi. As industry leaders in healthcare mobile solutions, we’ve worked with several of the UK’s biggest healthcare organisations including the NHS and Co-op Health. […]