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What is a progressive web app?

Aug 30, 2018
Native, hybrid and now the progressive web app – with so much confusion over app development platforms these days, our Chief Technical Officer Adam Fleming continues his “What is…” series with a look into this recent buzz-term in mobile development.   A Progressive Web App (PWA) is another great example of tech being re-born. Whilst there’s a lot of noise around PWAs right now,

What is… the Internet of Things?

Apr 13, 2018
Our Chief Technical Officer and Labs leader Adam Fleming continues his “What is…” series, this time looking into the Internet of Things concept in more detail.   Think of the internet as a set of all devices that can communicate via a public network. Now, remove everything that needs human input or instruction – essentially, that’s the Internet of Things or IoT. Originally, IoT mainly

What is… Machine Learning?

Mar 01, 2018
Our Chief Technical Officer and Labs leader Adam Fleming cuts through the confusion when it comes to machine learning in today’s post, explaining exactly what it is and why it’s becoming so useful to businesses.   “…about a 10x multiplier on your valuation” – it’s a slightly tired joke with a fragment of truth. Machine Learning is a subject that’s surrounded by a lot of hype, so