Apadmi go back to school with Yorkshire Water

We’ve been working closely with schools and universities for a while. We believe that the tech sector has never been more exciting or in greater need of young talent, from building code to learning app design skills.

With the industry currently suffering from a skills gap, we’re keen to not only push the benefits of training in this arena, but the huge potential it offers for an engaging career path.

All that said, Yorkshire Water were the perfect partnership for us – as part of their wider community project, their current focus is on encouraging children into vital industries such as technology, engineering, science and mathematics.

That’s why last month we visited the Year 5 class of Hilltop Academy in Wakefield with the Yorkshire Water team.

Our Creative Producer Matt Harney introduced the kids to app development and app design skills through a workshop which had children designing their own apps. The aim was to teach the class about life as a digital designer and what makes a career in technology such an exciting prospect.

The kids were tasked with thinking about the Yorkshire Water app and coming up with ways to attract people to download and use it.

The children were split into brainstorming groups where they could bounce around ideas, before Matt showed them real-world design techniques such as story-boarding and wire-framing.

Each of the groups presented their designs back to the class, and then we went away and worked our magic on them.

Matt transformed the kid’s wireframes into concept drawings of what their apps could look like in real life.

The children were also delighted when we returned to show them – but even happier to receive their Apadmi Academy certificates, showcasing their talents as top app designers.

Hilltop Academy show off their app design skills

“It was fantastic to work with the kids – they showed real enthusiasm for the workshop and it was great to see so many creative ideas coming from them. I’m really passionate about going into schools and showing children exactly what a career in the technology industry could lead to – it’s not just for people with a flair for maths, but for creatives too. There’s a distinctive skills gap in the UX design industry, and Apadmi want to address this head-on.”

– Matt Harney