Take a tour around our new home

Apadmi life has changed…

In 2009, our four founders opened our first office in Trafford Park – an area we called home for ten years. Now, as a growing team of 130 people, we’ve moved across the water to a new HQ at Anchorage, Salford Quays. 

It’s not just the team that’s expanding. Our clients and their needs are growing with us, as are the services and products we offer. So, moving to a new place gave us the chance to create a new working environment, custom-designed to suit the next phase of Apadmi life.

And we’ve literally levelled-up! Our new 9th floor office is on the top of Anchorage, with 360 degree views, from Manchester and Salford to the Peaks and Pennines. We’re just minutes from MediaCityUK, and next door to Erie Basin (for summer swimming – seriously).

We don’t want to change what’s made Apadmi life great – but we’re already starting to see how our new digs can further improve the way we work, collaborate, think and design. 

So, let’s introduce you to Apadmi life!

First, the facts. We’ve got 160 desks, spread over two sides (City & Quay), 11 collaboration spaces, 7 meeting rooms, a UX lab, 25 screens and 30 whiteboards plus a giant breakout space where every single one of us can join company-wide get-togethers, creative sessions and where we can host events.

The Shared SpaceApadmi Life

The heart of the office, it’s a place to meet, talk and think. It’s a flexible area where inspiring presentations happen and after work fun and games can take place.

Apadmi LifeThe Curious Lab

Our dedicated user testing space is designed exclusively for customer research. It’s comfortable, sound-proofed, and fitted with HD equipment allowing for a multitude of different products and projects to be tested. It’s key to understanding and optimising customer experiences –  before, during and after development.

Apadmi LifeThe Kitchen

Because great ideas and good friendships often start with a brew, we’ve made sure that the kitchen is big enough for everyone to get away from their desks and take a break. We wanted a place where people can talk, relax and refuel. Breakfast, fruit and all important PROPER coffee is provided!

Apadmi LifeThe Reception

The first thing that any new visitors will see is a seemingly endless collection of mobile phones – a visual timeline of how we got to where we are today, and how fast things change. It’s also a calm space for our clients to hang out, catch up on any work and grab a drink.

The Screens & Whiteboards

We’ve designed the office around the Agile methodology, which means cross-functional, frequent, fast collaboration. We’ve made sure that all teams have constant access to their own boards and screens*, for all projects and all ceremonies and without ever needing to book meeting rooms. It’s been a huge buzz to see so much activity around them – it’s already making things even better.

We’ve been here for a month and it already feels like home. All the things we’d hoped would happen are happening – more collaboration, quicker meetings and even better work.

The only problem is that the pictures don’t really it do it justice  – so please come and visit so we can show you for real!

*A quick word on the screens – we’ve powered all of ours across the office with Promokio, a multi-screen platform invented by Apadmi. Promokio means real-time messages can be displayed across any screen, all controlled from a central hub. It’s proving to be brilliant for all internal communications (birthdays, football, timesheets (!) ), as well as welcoming our clients and sharing team-specific information in relevant areas.