Next level apps and how we create them

Nick Black, Co-Founder and CCO of Apadmi, chats about how we help companies transform their tech experience, building next level apps for customers and internal staff alike.


We’ve helped some of the UK’s biggest brands deliver great success with mobile, but they didn’t all start out as world-class solutions.

Ten years ago, apps were new and exciting – but the expectation of users was low, and countless big brands released apps that met them.

Today – thanks to the growth of the mega apps and tech players – customer expectation has never been higher. Those companies with apps that they rushed to market that never really delivered are realising it’s time to go again.

Over the last few years, we’ve found ourselves working with a number of organisations to help repair, improve and relaunch apps that weren’t reaching their potential.

Evaluate, enhance, innovate into Next Level Apps

We transform apps in three stages:

  1. Evaluate

We’ll assess every element of your app, checking the quality of its build by looking at:

  • Its UX & UI – is it intuitive, does it flow well, how are users navigating your app? We’ll put it through thorough QA testing, listing performance issues where we find them and giving you solutions.
  • Technical architecture – is the current tech fit for purpose? Can it be fixed/enhanced, or are the ongoing update/maintenance costs too high to replace it?
  • Source code – we’ll perform a line-by-line assessment and consider things like security risk, performance and whether the system can handle peaks in traffic as your user base expands.
  • In-app analytics – initially, we’ll use these to spot trends and areas for improvement. But later we’ll use them to suggest (and test) new ideas and features to improve the app – but also driving more customers to use it, and more frequently.
  • Marketing –is your app’s potential being fully recognised? Are you using everything the App Store provides? Are your description and image assets impactful and accurate? Or are these areas another way that we could create next level apps?
  1. Enhance

We’re experts at taking over and evolving existing apps, enhancing their quality, stability and usability. After our evaluation, we’ll give you honest feedback on the best way to develop your app.

We’ll hold workshops with your team, drawing on their experience to determine how best mobile can integrate into your business. We’ll then define what your app enhancements look like and suggest a roadmap of further mobile development.

  1. Innovate

User research and focus groups will help us design innovative new functions, but we’ll also consider your business objectives. We’ll get to grips with your KPIs and whether it’s stronger engagement, more sales or a growing user base that’s your priority, we’ll gear your app’s development towards achieving those goals.

All these enhancements won’t just create great next level apps – they’ll create that contemporary but secure experience that your customers expect, propelling your brand forwards.