Digital impact

The world changed permanently in 2020, and there’s no end to the number of articles predicting a fast shift to an even more digital future. This isn’t another. Instead, it looks at why some businesses have been slow to change, and what they can quickly do about it – now that it’s even more critical – using a different approach: Digital Impact.

In 2019AD (or 1BCo) Dell released their most recent Digital Transformation Index. In a survey of 4,600 global business leaders, 78% believed that digital transformation should be more widespread in their organisation, 51% believed they’d struggle to meet changing customer demands, and a third feared they’d be left behind.

The report lists things like security and privacy concerns, a lack of internal skills and – no surprise – budget, as the reasons why Digital Transformation wasn’t happening for them.

What if it were something else? What if it was the concept of “transformation” that was the problem? 

Maybe it’s just too big? 

‘Transformation’ sounds a long process, loaded with effort and decisions and consultants and cultural change. It sounds slow and expensive. 

It sounds like a huge team needs to be formed, just to think about it, never mind deliver it. And that results are a long roadmap away.

What about a different approach? Like Digital Impact.

How you can deliver Digital Impact

Digital Impact is immediate and lean. It identifies the areas in organisations where agile thinking and fast development can drive significant benefits. It finds processes that can be sped up or made easier through technology.

It’s a different mindset and a different approach that can be started by few and doesn’t need many.

Most crucially, it delivers digital quick wins that make an impact, fast.

The premise:

  • A small team of big thinkers

Create a small squad of multi-disciplined senior experts across the organisation and partners.

We can augment your team with vision, mobile, server, architecture, data and security experts.

  • Identify & innovate

The squad collaborate, using data and insight to identify short-term, impactful opportunities. They’re tasked with finding feasible new solutions – the art of the possible – to those distinct business challenges and gains.

New revenue opportunities or cost savings can be quickly spotted. At the same time, they can identify and overcome potential barriers quickly, establishing realistic work streams that can be started within days and bring benefits forward.

We can facilitate the workshops needed to get the ideas and define the roadmap.

  • Prototype

Develop visual prototypes for testing, alongside software prototypes for proof of concepts, launching to a friendly user group or process as soon as possible.

We can help you design and deliver.

  • Delegate & develop

As soon as the concept is proven, the squad delegates the development of the solution to a wider delivery team for roll-out.

We can work alongside your existing digital team and partners to develop quickly and robustly.

  • Extend

Use the original success to extend this thinking to a new challenge, department or process – incrementally driving digital change through the organisation through proof of success.

It’s already happening elsewhere

By showing success quickly, Digital Impact can unlock a culture of innovation in your business and release budgets. 

It de-risks ideas and new ways of doing things, by reducing the number of early stakeholders and removing the weight of expectation. 

It creates a new entrepreneurial approach.

It’s not just a concept. Over the last two months, organisations have been forced into fast change and are making it work – look at Aldi’s Food Parcels or the speed in which our clients at the NHS are working to release Covid-19 tracking apps

When organisations have to work quickly they can work quickly.

Digital Impact is a way to do that at any time.

Over the last 11 years, we’ve partnered with clients as diverse as Argos, BBC, the Co-op, HSS, B&M, SailGP and the NHS to deliver technology solutions that have changed the way they do things forever. How can we help you?

If you’re interested in learning more about how we help organisations identify areas that are ripe for rapid Digital Impact, designing the solutions that quickly deliver it, we’d love to hear from you – please get in touch here.