Matt Hunt to talk at UKFast’s eCommerce event

We’re really pleased to announce that Matt Hunt, CEO of Apadmi Enterprise, will be talking at eCommerce Live on September 14th. eCommerce Live sets the authority and tone of all things eCommerce, talking about reality-changing strategies such as multichannel selling and mobile payment options. With huge changes to the eCommerce sector in the past year, such as the introduction of Apple Pay and Amazon Prime Now’s two hour delivery service nation-wise, the way we shop has been revolutionised.

It’s essential for businesses to keep in-line with every tech and disruptive transformation they can, or risk being left behind. And that’s why eCommerce Live is such a fantastic opportunity for all involved, bringing some of the latest tech stars and leading names in the digital and eCommerce scene.

Based in Manchester, at UKFast, eCommerce Live UK is an established event that encourages new businesses to stay at the forefront of new technologies. According to UKFast, online retail sales in the UK reached an estimated £52.25 billion in 2015, with the average shopper spending £1,174 online.

The full speaker line-up includes Matt Hunt, CEO of Apadmi Enterprise, Dr Dave Chaffey, CEO of Smart Insights and Skip Fedura, Digital Director at dotMailer. Ex-Skype and Yahoo boss James Bilefield tops the bill, sharing his experience as a digital entrepreneur working with global brands including Conde Nast, Vanity Fair and GQ.

“I’m pleased to be part of this exciting event, as eCommerce is a hugely diverse topic that tech has revolutionised over the past year or two. Staying at the forefront of the industry with an investment in eCommerce tech is essential to meet the ever-demanding needs of customers,” Matt Hunt, CEO Apadmi Enterprise.