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Retail Report re-cap: How a retail mobile app adds value in 2018

Jun 21, 2018
How has the retail industry progressed over the last 18 months? Massively. Are retailer apps still providing value to customers? More than ever. Last year we released our Retail App Report 2017: Using Apps to Ensure Business Success – and it’s time for an update. Let’s start with re-cap on a few of our key findings from our retail report last year: First, customers

What’s it like to work in app development?

Jun 14, 2018
Ever wondered what jobs in app development are really like? We sat down with five Apadmi team members from different departments to find out where they came from and their personal take on working in tech. Mark Evans Senior Consultant One of our lead consultants who heads up the Server team, Mark is one of its most experienced members and his knowledge of developing

Safety and privacy in voice design

Jun 07, 2018
Our Head of Design and UX Marcus Duffy, talks us through a few issues around safety and privacy where voice design is concerned.   Despite the comfort of GDPR, privacy concerns around the technology in our lives are still increasingly being trumped by its convenience. Users are more willing than ever to sacrifice their privacy for a useful product or service that makes their

Why tech due diligence is critical to investment success

May 31, 2018
Howard Simms, Apadmi Ventures CEO, chats about the importance of performing the right checks on your tech when investing in start-ups.   Since we started Ventures, we’ve witnessed many business owners overlook the importance of checking over the technology behind their investment. But it’s crucial. Which is why we offer a technical due diligence service to a wide variety of investors. Essentially, we’ll lift

Apadmi go back to school with Yorkshire Water

May 24, 2018
We’ve been working closely with schools and universities for a while. We believe that the tech sector has never been more exciting or in greater need of young talent, from building code to learning app design skills. With the industry currently suffering from a skills gap, we’re keen to not only push the benefits of training in this arena, but the huge potential it

The importance of great mobile app branding

May 17, 2018
Our Digital Designer Sarah (Van) Gough has worked on a wide variety of our clients including NHS, Selfie Guide and CabFind. Here, she discusses the importance of mobile branding in app design, how our UX-ers communicate a brand’s look and feel effectively within apps, and a few top tips for dealing with trickier briefs.   Incorporating a client’s brand into their mobile app isn’t