SEC 2018: 5 things investors look for in tech start-ups

In just over a fortnight, CEO of Apadmi Ventures Howard Simms will be taking to the stage at the NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference 2018.

The 9th annual conference brings together ‘Creators, Connectors and Captains’ with one aim: to teach entrepreneurial students how to start, maintain and develop their business ideas.

With a wide variety of talks, practical workshops and networking opportunities, Aston University in Birmingham should be packed with ambitious youngsters across 17th and 18th February.

Howard’s talk is entitled “5 Things Investors Look for in Tech Start-Ups”; kick-starting your own business might be an exciting prospect, but you should always keep that end goal of securing investors in mind. He’ll consider:

  • The idea – is your bright idea a revolutionary take on an old concept? Or something that’s simply never been done before and could shake up your entire industry?
  • The team – who’s going to help you build your business? Who’ll make sure the execution of your “next big thing” is spot-on? The passion of the team drives the project forward, and is crucial to any idea becoming more than just that.
  • The business model – is your project scalable? You can start off with a great idea and a good team behind you, but if you don’t think long-term and how you’re going to grow, you won’t be able to secure that final round of funding…
  • The timing – some of the best business concepts have succeeded or failed purely on their timing. You might have the perfect idea, but is right now the time to release it into the world?
  • The funding – this is often seen as the hardest hurdle to get over, but it’s easily found if you’ve got the right foundations in place

Howard will be speaking about each of these five areas and how you can incorporate them into your own start-up strategy on Sunday 18th at 2pm – you can book tickets for the event here.