Why app development should be part of your 2021 food & beverage strategy

Food delivery app revenue in the UK hit almost $6 billion in 2020 – a $1.1 billion increase from 2019. While there were a few factors that contributed to this growth, the obvious market force was the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many food and beverage companies to move to a mobile solution for the first time. 

We saw everyone, from titans like McDonald’s and Asda to small businesses and local takeaways, shift their entire business model in a matter of weeks. In many cases, these businesses partnered with pre-existing delivery apps for a quick and easy solution to the critical issues presented by the crisis. However, this also meant that many companies were forced to give away large percentages of their profits to third parties. 

As we move into 2021, we’ve begun to see an emerging trend. Companies such as McDonald’s and Sainsbury’s have broken away from the third-party solutions that supported them through the early days of the pandemic, instead moving to a bespoke internal solution. 

If you’re considering making the transition from third-party mobile services or no mobile services at all, we’d like to help outline the main benefits the move can offer your business – and give you a few tips on taking your first steps towards creating a bespoke mobile solution.

The benefits of bespoke food and beverage mobile services

Custom-built food and beverage mobile services offer several advantages over third-party platforms including:

  • Branding – Instead of vying for the spotlight with many of your competitors, with little chance to advertise or bump yourself up the queue, you control every aspect of the app and can brand everything exactly how you want it. This allows you to pull out key deals and themes to push particular products and offerings – especially handy during key seasonal buying periods. 
  • Data – While some third parties may offer certain insights into customer behaviour, you’re able to get as granular with data as you wish on your own app. You can track and optimise every aspect of the consumer journey, ensuring that each step is right for your customer base, with continually optimised messaging for maximum convenience, impact and experience.
  • Personalisation – A step beyond data, automated personalisation options allow you to tailor how each user interacts with your app, so you can pull out their favourite dishes and even offer specific deals on key dates (such as birthdays and anniversaries). This allows you to create a lasting, loyal relationship with your customers through automation. 
  • Profit – After initial creation costs and some minor maintenance expenses, your business will be able to keep the profits from every sale instead of losing money to a third-party provider. This also allows you to pass savings on to your customers, potentially undercutting your competitors on third-party platforms.

These four key benefits make a clear case for bespoke food and beverage mobile services. 

However, we acknowledge that some companies feel they’re missing the resources to create their own mobile services internally. That’s okay – we’re not so hot at cooking at Apadmi, but apps are our speciality, so we’ve outlined our process for creating a valuable mobile solution…

Creating a bespoke food and beverage mobile service

The first step in any mobile transformation is what we call ‘Define’. It essentially encapsulates the process of mapping your current business offering, and then looking at where a mobile solution can add value. This process will begin with a combination of research and ideation, and then move on to more precise product roadmapping and strategising

Once a clear roadmap and strategy have been established, we move on to a process called ‘Design’ where we create in-depth blueprints and prototypes for your service. This is done in a series of design sprints and will include both UX and UI considerations. The final result will be an advanced prototype that can be tested upon real users to fine-tune it against your customer base. 

After Design is complete, we move on to ‘Develop’ where your app is created. This process can work alongside design and often involves the creation of both mobile apps and web services, as well as system integration to tie into your other physical and digital systems. 

Finally, we move to our ‘Drive’ step where we help successfully deploy your food and beverage mobile service in a fully supported launch. It’s critical when creating any digital product that you keep adoption and evolution front of mind.

When you’ve launched the product, how will you drive downloads, engagement and make your app “stick” to the user’s home screen?

And what about post-launch features and functionality? This isn’t just about listening to the requests of users about what you could improve, but fulfilling those objectives laid out during your roadmapping stage.

We aim to continuously improve and support your mobile service with app store optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and managed services, ensuring that your app stays at the forefront of the food and beverage industry.

Through this four-step process, Apadmi can help a business with any level of technical knowledge create an outstanding app that will capitalise on all of the benefits of bespoke mobile services. 

If you want to discuss the mobile service options available to your business and find help in determining the right solution for you, please get in touch.

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