Digital Strategy

Strategy means many different things to people, and it can be complex – if you allow it to be.

Apadmi’s approach is to keep it simple. The best strategies are those that are most easily understood and can be clearly measured.

We start at the end. What is the positive change we expect to see? From who? And what are the key metrics of that success?

We’ve built a strategic approach called Insight To Impact – a way of really sweating everything we know about our customer, their users, their business and their challenges to create a digital vision that is deliverable and exciting.

Insight to Impact

Insight to Impact digs deep into the behaviours and beliefs of your users, and the potential of your organisation.

We’ll cast a wide net. Existing research, stakeholder interviews, any existing customer data and desk research on your market and competition. If we need to, we’ll commission further research.

Our tech consultants will get under the skin of your current systems, understanding what’s feasible is vital in setting a pragmatic vision.

Armed with insight, we’ll work together with you to turn it into an Impact Canvas. The Impact Canvas is one page that sets out a clear, measurable strategy – shared to everyone and understood by all. Simply:

The Challenge

Why are we doing it? What problem are we trying to solve?

The User

Who's it for? What target market is the end product aimed at?

The Impact

What's the positive change we're aiming to create?

The Measurement

What does success look like? What KPIs and metrics will be set?

The Impact Canvas work perfectly leads us into the next two stages of our Define service…


Once we've crafted your Impact Canvas, the Ideation service helps uncover potential new answers to the problem or opportunity in front of us.

Product Roadmap

We'll work with your stakeholders to create a tangible roadmap broken into multiple sprints, with key milestones directly linked to your business priorities.

Long-term strategy

The Impact Canvas exists to ensure that everyone – our customers and our team – know what we’re working towards.

It ensures that short-term tactics don’t overtake the grander digital vision, and that any big decisions are checked against the core objectives and users.

That’s not to say things are fixed. New competitors, changes to our customer’s business, technology innovation and (most critically) changes in user behaviour, are continuously monitored and can lead to a considerable shift in strategy. 

We have Quarterly Business Reviews with all our clients. These sessions are an opportunity to deep-dive into the results and performance of our products in line with their digital vision, and understand any new insights that may change things.