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Digital Workshop: Discover Your Digital Future

Jun 26, 2017 - Blog

On 28 June 2017, we’re talking alongside Lloyds Banking Group, Manchester Metropolitan University, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Accenture, TCS, Wipro and the BBC with one aim: to get youngsters excited about digital technology.

Discover Your Digital Future is taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University and is set to be attended by more than 600 year ten (14-year old) students.

Everyone speaking, Apadmi Ventures CEO, Howard Simms included, will be focused on nurturing engagement of these students to pursue a career in the digital sector.

Addressing the Digital Skills Gap

The overall purpose of the event is to try and combat the growing technical skills gap in the digital sector in UK.

1.8 million people work in the digital sector in the UK. But only 1.6% of today’s A-level students are taking computing qualifications.

North vs. South

The skills gap is widened further when looking at the UK’s North-South divide.

Last year 6,242 students in England chose to take an A-level in computing. Only 20% of these students were based in the North of the country. By contrast, almost 50% of these students were based in the South.

Lloyds Banking Group Ambassador for the North and Consumer Digital Managing Director Nick Williams says “Manchester’s digital sector [is worth] £2.9bn to the local economy. We have a booming industry in this region, but we need to future proof it.”

Let’s Do More

More information on the Discover Your Digital Future event, including agenda’s for the day, can be found here.

We’re keen on helping to solve this skills gap problem. We’ve done activities in the past to help address this issue, but this challenge needs to be tackled head-on at a national level.

If you’re responsible for getting youngsters engaged in digital, and technology in general, please get in touch to see how we can help.