how to digitally transform your business
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How to digitally transform your business – Apadmi, Apple and Business Growth Hub

Feb 09, 2017 - Blog

Apadmi, Apple and Business Growth Hub are fresh from our event at the Apple Store at the Trafford Centre, Manchester on the 9th February. Apadmi Enterprise CEO, Matt Hunt, was the headline speaker, offering his in-depth experience and knowledge on the subject of digital transformation for businesses.

The well-established breakfast event was packed out with people from a host of different industries and business sizes.

Hilary Centeleghe, Business Growth Hub’s Senior Growth Manager, and Katie Dickinson, Apple’s Business Manager, both spoke at the event alongside Matt.

Implementing digital transformation

“Digital transformation is the adaptation of a digital strategy and ensuring the implementation of that strategy is integrated into your business. It can mean anything from establishing mobile point-of-sale payments, to creating an enterprise app that allows your employees to complete their jobs more efficiently,” said Matt Hunt, in his recent blog for Business Growth Hub.

Digital transformation is becoming an essential consideration for all companies regardless of size, and it can be a very effective tool for outfoxing your rivals. Those businesses that don’t utilise the correct technology and digital outlets may struggle to grow as fast as their more technologically advanced competitors.

Making the changes within your business to improve digital processes needn’t be a huge undertaking. It’s about adapting to the ever changing digital marketplace. Even taking ‘small steps’ towards digital transformation can yield long-term results. Take this research from Gartner stating that 20% of businesses will be using smart phones to replace physical access cards by 2020. Doesn’t sound like a big deal at first glance. But think about it. What would this mean to you as a business owner?

Say you’re responsible for a logistics company and your driver needs to pick items up at multiple locations every day. Using a traditional access card would mean the driver would gain access to every location through one single access card. The alternative method of using a smart phone and app, the driver gets access to only the locations required that day through a remotely managed, and automated upload service. This improved control gives you greater security of your premises as only the people who need to be on-site have access (any access can be safe-guarded behind standard smart phone biometric security features), you can easily and remotely cancel or restore access to specific locations if phones are broken or lost, and you gain greater organisational visibility of data usage that can be used elsewhere within your businesses.

Why should SMEs be bothered about digital transformation?

Put simply, efficient digital working environments allow smaller businesses to compete with organisations that are a lot bigger than themselves. Automating tasks and workflows can do wonders for your business; speed of data flow is improved, errors in data collection and processing are reduced and employee morale is boosted through not having to carry out repetitive and monotonous tasks. Instead, employees can focus on driving value for your business by completing jobs technology cannot replicate.

What’s the end result? Improved margins. Tech may not always increase your revenue, but it will almost certainly improve productivity and help reduce costs, providing you’ve chosen the correct solution for your specific business requirements. And therein lies the key: understand your own business and define what objectives you want the technology to achieve. This is the only way you’ll see return on investment, regardless of what size company you’re managing or how much you’re investing in any technology.

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If you didn’t manage to get down to the Apple Store, you can see us at Prolific North Live, where Matt Hunt will be speaking again (16th February at 11:40 in the Agency & Suppliers room), providing further insights on digital transformation. You can also see us at stand #14, where you can pick up a copy of our Apadmi newspaper, and talk to one of our experts on how digital transformation can help your business.