App Store Optimisation

With over 5 million apps available to download, standing out from the crowd has never been more important for both new and established apps.  

App Store Optimisation (ASO) holds the key to making your app more visible, driving organic downloads and ensuring that you hold a place at the front of your market.

What is App Store Optimisation?

App store optimisation, also known as ASO, is the process of optimising an app to:

Through ASO best practice, we can help direct more users with relevant interests toward your solution, increase downloads and raise awareness for your mobile offering.

Launch & Beyond

Get your app off the ground and climbing the app store charts!

Amazon: A case study in the power of app store optimisation

“Until recently, Amazon was not able to achieve a top rank in Google Play's shopping category – incredible, given their 197 million website visits per month. They struggled to achieve a top ranking with their app – Amazon's problem was due to their ASO, and the algorithms used to determine how to classify apps."
"At the time, Amazon didn’t contain the word "shopping" in an optimal location. Keywords play an important role in an app's success and by optimising their app name and description, Amazon was able to achieve nearly four times the amount of traffic.”

At Apadmi, we recognise the importance of app store optimisation, and have built a series of best practices backed by proven results over our many years of solution delivery within the technology sector.

ASO best practice

The key to ASO is understanding each app store’s search algorithm. This requires a great deal of experience, as each platform keeps its algorithms hidden from the public. So, the only way to successfully optimise an app store page is through careful analysis of apps and their rankings. 


At Apadmi, our ASO specialists use many advanced techniques to ensure our client’s apps get as much coverage as possible – however, if you want to learn about the basics of ASO, you can check out App Store Optimisation (ASO): The Complete 2021 Guide.

ASO trends

As with SEO, ASO is all about watching the horizon for changes in the algorithm, and ensuring that we evolve to keep up with the competition. Here are a few trends that have interested us recently: