Managed Services

It’s critical to understand how your product is performing with your end-users; the sooner you know about a bug or usability issue, the faster you can fix it or adapt.

Our Managed Services let our team of data analysts and product marketers deep-dive into the data within your app, and report on how it’s performing with actionable fixes for any issues you’re encountering. 

We offer this service to all clients that go through our development process, but we also extend it to externally-built apps and solutions that require post-launch support. 

Armed with our analysis and reporting, you can ensure that your app is optimised correctly for your end-users.

Our key services


We triage, investigate and resolve issues to ensure the quality and reliability of your app


We’ll focus on monitoring to understand how your system is performing and spot any small issues before they become big problems. We'll also take a proactive approach, helping you get ahead of planned OS releases, such as the latest major iOS release, to ensure your app is ready before it hits the market


We ensure your app is up to date with the latest technologies, including the next versions of iOS and Android

Additional data insights services

In addition to our key services, we’ve learned through years of experience in mobile development, that regular analysis is critical to understand how your product is performing with your end-users. These data insights are driven by four core areas…


We explore the users downloading and interacting with your solution, breaking them down by age, gender and so on, to ensure that you’re connecting with the right end-users

Operating system

By looking at the downloads of your solution on each operating system, we can find issues on specific app stores and suggest ways to perform better on each

User reviews

A key aspect of post-launch solution management, user reviews quickly indicate the strengths and weaknesses of an app, while contributing to its accessibility and popularity on each app store. We monitor user reviews across all platforms, ensuring your rating remains high, while any lower reviews are acted upon quickly


It’s easy to see that there’s a wide range of mobile devices on the market, and your software must perform effectively on each. Our team will analyse which devices your solution is being run on, so that we can ensure all users across every type of hardware are making use of your app

Alongside the above, we offer a diverse range of bespoke services for your business to help enhance your mobile solution. These services include:

  • performance
  • enhancement
  • UX design review
  • UI design review
  • standalone optimisation
  • in-app analytics
  • installation


…and much more. We’ll tailor our approach to your platform and the unique challenges you’re facing, to ensure our solution is the right one for you.