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How to Create a Great Mobile App

Oct 14, 2013 - Blog



Whether your wanting to create an external app, to better engage with your customers and improve the brand experience, or an internal app to significantly enhance a company process, in order to ensure your app is a success, you need to ensure it is one users will consider reliable, intuitive and intelligent.

Here at Apadmi, we pride ourselves on creating mobile apps that are all those things, as well as being technically robust and secure. We aim to inspire and advise businesses on their mobile strategy so we have compiled a list of the top 10 pointers to consider when you’re thinking about creating a mobile app.

What can a great app do for your business?

Since 2008, 50 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App store, while Google has estimated that there have been over 48 billion apps downloaded in the same time. The vastness and popularity of the app market provides businesses with the potential to reach a previously untapped consumer base; creating opportunities to boost revenue and improve your service or product.

To achieve this your great app must be user-friendly yet innovative enough to stand out from the rest of your industry in an increasingly noisy app marketplace.

Make your app great with Apadmi

Here at Apadmi, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end service in mobile app development. Our involvement spans from initial idea generation as you decide the purpose of you app, your user base and what it will be required to do, right up to app’s launch and on-going maintenance. We not only build new apps that are visually impressive and rich in content, but maintain and update your existing app too, giving you the opportunity to improve the efficiency and capabilities of your service or product.