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JigTalk: Apadmi Ventures’ Latest Investment

Sep 01, 2017 - Blog

These days, investment in a dating app might seem like a strange move. Let’s face it – the market’s flooded with them.

But JigTalk are different, representing a disruptive challenge to a £1.9 billion industry. Their unique and refreshing perspective was what convinced Apadmi Ventures to invest in the company that claim: “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.

Hands-on Investors

The premise of the gamified JigTalk app is simple. Initially, 16 jigsaw pieces will cover the user’s face, and only through chatting together will the pieces of each person slowly fall away.

The app represents a total move away from the superficial nature of the current online dating world, and our team recognised its huge potential immediately.

Apadmi Ventures are our investment arm; their purpose is to identify those highly-scalable technology start-ups that need support – be it technical, financial or industry-specific.

This is where we’re different – we believe in a hands-on approach, bringing 18 years of mobile expertise, app design, customer insight and development experience to our investments.

For JigTalk, that meant providing a full technology audit, helping them to build an outstanding UX and a robust platform that would future-proof their rapidly-expanding business.

Two Things Needed for App Success…

We asked Howard Simms, CEO of Apadmi Ventures, what made JigTalk stand out:

“We get to see lots of great ideas and people, but the drive and ambition evident in every member of the JigTalk team was one of the major reasons we invested.

“If you want to build a truly successful app, you need to have two things: a great idea, and the drive to make it a reality.

“Their excitement about this app was contagious for our team, so we didn’t just invest money, but time, effort and expertise to help them launch this app which should provide a shake-up for one of the biggest markets in the world.

“For us, they represent one of our best examples of the boost Apadmi Ventures can provide.”

Soft-launched in February of this year, the app already has 10,000 users after launching in four cities, with a brand-new version due for release in October.

JigTalk are currently going through their next round of investment, looking to raise £750k to support their huge expansion plans.