Applying cloud and data solutions to media production

2021 is the year you’ll work smarter not harder. 

As production moves away from green-screens and living room live streams, back to studios, sets and street canvassing, there’s an opportunity to innovate and improve workflows. 

Through the strategic use of cloud-based tools like AI and machine learning, as well as data analytics and streaming platforms, you can improve both the quality and efficiency of your production workflow. 

As mobile-first digital experts with years of knowledge about development, we’re particularly excited to see how technology can support media production. We’ve identified several past projects we’ve worked on with applications within production. 

Content discovery and our work with SailGP

A key task for many studios and production companies is sifting through content and codifying it to allow consumers to quickly find the relevant media they’re looking for on direct-to-consumer platforms. 

While this process has often been done manually, it could be automated by a cloud AI machine learning platform. As Muralidhar Sridhar, Vice President of AI and Machine Learning for PFT put in a recent article for TV Tech

“There could be one AI engine that looks at identifying faces in the video. Another one may look at signature sounds of, let’s say, a person splashing through water, while a third searches for distinct objects. Best yet, what would take humans hours to achieve looking at a piece of content can be done by our AI in real-time.”

At Apadmi we’ve had previous experience in rapid data analysis and visualisation, during our work with the global sailing brand SailGP. The high-speed catamaran racing sport needed a second-screen app solution that allowed spectators to see and understand over 1,200 data points from each vessel in real-time. 

We created a sophisticated platform to solve this challenge, which sorted through thousands of data points to offer the ones most relevant to the user and the aspects of the race they were interested in. This platform boosted fan engagement, with over 20,000 users downloading the app by the second race of the season and more joining the platform with every race.  

Learn more about our work with SailGP in our case study

Compression and Chelsea FC

Another challenge for many content platforms and production companies is the transport and compression of video footage. A bad compression anywhere between the original footage being shot and it being broadcast to a consumer, can ruin a shot or an entire project. 

The key is top-quality data streaming and intelligent compression algorithms that can send and receive huge amounts of footage without compromising on quality, even in the most remote locations. With the growing popularity of 8K displays, the appetite for flawless footage is stronger than ever and only those production companies that adapt will find success. 

We found this out for ourselves while working on the PerfectPlay app for Chelsea FC’s digital wing, CDV. PerfectPlay is a football training app for all ages, designed to a premier-league standard. Alongside AR training activities and quizzes on tactics, it boasts a suite of videos featuring leading football talent. 

The app needed to be accessible to as many people as possible around the world, so we realised the need for a high-quality streaming solution that avoided cluttering up user devices. We designed a smart storage solution built around AWS Media Convert, which transferred information faster and more efficiently by using location data. It identified where the user was, and served them information from a nearby server in a size suitable for their device and connection speed – simple, but effective, slashing loading times.

Data input and management in the field with the NHS

A challenge for many production teams in the field can be the effective management of timestamps or field research data. 

Especially during major event coverage, it can be easy for data to get lost, whether it’s the details of an interview contact, or the precise timing of a particular shot. It can also be important to track the movement of footage within your company, to ensure that the copy being edited is the correct master. 

A clear and simple data collection platform can remove many of these challenges by allowing you and your team to input details in seconds, while backing them up through the cloud to ensure nothing is missed. 

We solved a similar problem with our work on NHS Donorpath. The NHS Blood & Transplant Team were struggling to record data from organ donors and grieving families, often resorting to writing incredibly sensitive information on tissues or paper towels before inputting it into a dated system that could take hours of critical nursing time to use. 

We created an intuitive tablet-based system for the NHS called Donorpath, that allowed data input and storage in a fraction of the time while the nurse was talking to a donor or their family. The project saved 766 hours of nurse time a year and sees over 18,000 submissions annually. 

If you’re considering implementing a cloud and data solution within your studio or production team and want to learn more about how we can help, contact us below.

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