Amazon Alexa

With a market majority, Amazon Alexa is the industry leader in voice technology.

As we saw a growing trend in this field, we knew that Amazon Alexa was the right company to join forces with, and guide us in developing future-proofed voice solutions.

Apadmi worked with Amazon Alexa to pave the way for new development opportunities, insight and support in the growing voice technology sector. Through this collaboration, we’ve created voice skills for our customers and gained first-hand education in this ever-changing field.

Why is Apadmi working with Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a sophisticated virtual assistant artificial intelligence, created by the subdivision of Amazon of the same name. Originally inspired by sci-fi shows like Star Trek, Alexa broke ground in the field of voice technology, exposing new functionality and opportunities that were previously unthought of.

Recognising this emerging market opportunity, we decided to dive into this promising new technology area and become industry champions.

We worked with Amazon Alexa to get our designers certified as Voice User Experience (VUX) designers. This then led to our team attending agency days at Amazon HQ, helping the Amazon Alexa team build their community with skills workshops across the UK, and hosting an evening dedicated to voice at our Apadmi offices.