Softcat is one of the UK’s leading IT infrastructure providers with almost 20 years of experience delivering solutions to global brands.

Some of Softcat’s most notable partners include Microsoft, AWS, Apple, HP and Lenovo. At Apadmi, we recognised the power of Softcat’s brand, and made the strategic decision to join their partner network as a solution provider.

This partnership has allowed us to leverage Softcat’s reputation, alongside our own, to work with new clients and create fantastic solutions. Through our Softcat partnership, we’ve developed several industry-leading solutions, including NHS DonorPath.

Why is Apadmi working with Softcat?

Softcat creates and delivers IT solutions for businesses. They look at the needs of a business and create a unified solution that reduces cost, risk and complexity, while increasing efficiency. Effectively, aim to make businesses better – just like us.

Apadmi’s values resonate with those of Softcat – we both believe in a customer-focused approach, designing the best solution to support the needs of the client instead of applying an ill-fitting pre-made solution.

Our partnership with Softcat allows us to connect with a wider audience of clients and contacts, create long-lasting relationships with even more major brands and learn from their extensive experience as infrastructure providers.