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Developing Apps for Google Android

We pride ourselves on the careful craft of native mobile apps for Android. As the leading mobile platform with a huge market share, we have a team of skilled in-house developers dedicated to Android app development.

Apps on Android often need to adapt to a multitude of devices, all with different screen sizes and densities. For a good user experience, you need an app that’s optimised to fit on this wide range of screens so that the customer feels like it has been designed to fit specifically on their phone.

Why choose Android?

Since Android’s launch in 2008, its smartphones and tablets have dominated the tech world. And having the largest installation base of any mobile operating system means that Android app development is a good choice for any business.

There’s also a whole host of IoT Android devices available, and it’s a great platform for wearables too. It’s our aim to produce Android apps that surpass the expectations of our clients and provide a good user experience, with more ease than ever before.

Huge market share

Huge market share

Android has over 86% market share according to leading IT research analysts Gartner, meaning any app you create can reach millions of users.

Take advantage of the worlds leading tech hardware

Take advantage of the worlds leading tech hardware

As Android runs on so many different devices, there is always a huge amount of competition when it comes to developing the best hardware that these devices run on. This healthy comeptition means that your app will be in a position to constantly take advantage of the best hardware options to create truly unique and creative ideas.

Wide variety of wearable tech options

Wide variety of wearable tech options

As Android is used by so many devices, the possibilities for developing for wearable tech is huge. The wearable tech market is already worth more than $28 billion, and growing rapidly.

Why choose Apadmi for your Android app?

The team here are big fans of Android, and our in-house development team has been creating apps developed in native programming language such as JAVA and Kotlin since the beginning.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best companies to achieve bespoke apps across a variety of Android devices and dimensions. Since working on the platform since it launched we’ve gained the required experience to create a technology solution that fits in perfectly with your business’ mobile strategy.

We’re a unique app developer that has some of the best in the business working for us. The level of testing our projects undergo is unprecedented, which is something that sets us apart from many other Android developers out there.

We are Android experts, and pride ourselevs in staying informed with the latest Google Software Development Kit (SDK) announcements and developments. Our developers and designers have the skills to produce apps that work perfectly on the Android platform. We’re used to integrating with the unique Android architecture, something that less experienced app developers can struggle with.

Because of the wide diversity of Android compatible devices, it’s essential to choose an app developer that’s experienced with this platform. What’s unique about us is that we’ve got our own in-house QA and test team, to ensure your app works as expected on a range of devices.

Each project we handle is given its own Project Manager, to support the team as they work through a sprint-based, agile development process. In the long run, this way of working saves you time and money, as any client queries are dealt with quickly and cost effectively.

As a leading mobile technologist, we relish every Android project brought to us.

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