Development & Integration

Working in tandem with our design team, the app development team focus on delivering robust, reliable and secure technology.

Our native app development teams are made up of project managers, technical leads, software engineers and test engineers. The team is scaled to meet the demands of each project, which means you’ll never be paying for more than you need.

Our deep level of industry experience in native platform app development means we adhere to fundamental principles in key areas and we can approach projects in both an agile or iterative manner.

To give you a taste of our working style, here are just some of the development tools we use:

  • Xcode / Android Studio – development
  • Bitbucket – Source code control
  • Charles Proxy – Comms testing
  • Jira – Issue tracking / User stories
  • Basecamp – Project comms
  • Avocode – UI design delivery
  • Jenkins – Build / Continuous integrations
  • Hockey App – Distribution / Crash reporting
  • TestRail – Test scripting / Management

Our Approach: The Agile Sprint

An agile sprint is a development style that aims to provide a new release every two weeks.

Sprints are planned in order to solve key problems or to reach key milestones, and teams then work to deliver a solution within the timeframe. Releasing a new iteration every two weeks ensures seamless collaboration between the teams and the client.

Throughout the development process, developers are encouraged to walk-through solutions and designs with the client and continually seek feedback.

Future-Proof your App Development

All of our solutions are built with the future in mind. We don’t want to see an app crumble at the first sign of an iOS or Android update. We build solutions designed to scale, so if you want to add to your app further down the line, the architecture won’t hold you back.

In addition to future-proofing, we can also work to improve existing infrastructure using middleware solutions. We won’t let a sluggish server hold your company or organisation back, and you don’t have to build from the ground up in order to achieve what you set out to.

Our Portfolio

Our experience of working with companies and clients has allowed us to develop applications that integrate fully with the diverse range of systems. Browse some of our recent app development work by visiting our online portfolio.

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