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Working collaboratively with our designers is Apadmi’s development team, focused on the delivery of robust, reliable and secure technology. Comprising Project Management, Technical Leads and Software and Test Engineers, the team is scaled accordingly to meet each and every bespoke mobile application or server project. Our internal processes are flexible and adaptable to enable for the management of projects of different sizes, types and levels of client involvement. Our deep level of industry experience means we adhere to fundamental principles in areas of project kick off, change and configuration management, delivery and quality and can approach projects in both an agile or iterative manner.

Our Approach

Each and every project will have a project manager and technical lead assigned, these people are the primary interface with client throughout the whole of the project. The rest of the delivery team, including developers and testers, will be scaled in accordance with the needs of the client.

The technical leads ensure that our projects follow a familiar shape; the technical architecture is drawn up for each platform and peer reviewed to identify any high risk elements and to ensure the solution will meet the customers’ requirements.

We have found that working with clients closely is key to successful project app development. Throughout the development process, developers are encouraged to walk-through solutions and designs within the client to gain feedback as early as possible and to ensure that we deliver was expected.

Our Portfolio

Our experience of working with companies and clients has allowed us to develop applications that integrate fully with diverse range of systems. Browse some of our recent work by visiting our online portfolio.

Our Work: BBC iPlayer Radio app

iPlayer Radio app

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