With a wealth of test and QA industry experience, the team is familiar with all of the major mobile operating systems and are equally well versed with back-end server and web technologies.

Each stage of the development process is assigned a clear and deliverable application testing strategy. This ensures that the final product isn’t riddled with errors, which can be very costly to fix.

Mobile App Testing For The Real World

Our in-house team of ISTQB-certified application testing engineers work to ensure the apps we create are real-world ready. This means that we use real devices to test the apps rather than relying on simulations, and we use tools to throttle bandwidth to see how the apps perform on reduced network conditions.

We also have a Faraday cage to allow us to simulate network conditions over 2G, 3G and 4G networks. For more complex user testing, we have partnered with third party usability companies. This allows us to offer more formal testing in a lab environment, with direct observation booths and a live video feed.

Mobile Application Testing Services

Like our mobile app development team, our testing team work in agile sprints. We can test as much or as little as required, so if you’re only interested in how your app will work on the top 10 Android devices, we can limit our scope.

Alternatively, we can expand this to include as many devices as required. We carry out automated regression tests as standard, which helps to speed up the process and reduce errors.

We test everything from the web, mobile, responsive web, servers, comms, integration, middleware and APIs.

And finally, we can advise on what needs to be tested, so even if mobile app testing is another language to you, you won’t be left in the dark.

Our Mobile Testing Process

The usual phases for our mobile app testing services include:

  • Developer unit testing
  • Developer integration testing
  • Apadmi QA sprint release testing
  • Apadmi QA system release testing
  • 3rd party penetration testing/security testing (as appropriate)
  • User Acceptance Testing Support
  • Mobile Application go live support
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