Creating Successful Apps


Our complete app promotion guide for start-ups, app entrepreneurs and indie developers will help you to make a better app and introduce you to the best marketing and PR tactics to get it the downloads and coverage you need to succeed.

Why did we write this guide?

The apps market is growing faster than ever and with so much competition, it’s getting even harder to create a successful app. Recent research shows that over 90% of mobile phone apps are abandoned within a year.

Only a select few will make it through to become indispensable to a number of users – and even fewer will become global sensations.

We often meet entrepreneurs ready to launch their first apps and we’ve found that many of them neglect essentials such as in-app analytics, processes to reduce un-installs or even marketing.

We are dedicated to fostering innovation and growth within the app development community.

Who is this guide for?

Inexperienced app entrepreneurs don’t have the option of “getting it right next time”.

App developers usually have technical rather than marketing backgrounds, and for startups and indie developers, the cost of employing professional marketers is often prohibitive in the early days of an app’s lifecycle.

(Note: we’ve used “app store” generically to describe Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.)

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