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My Claims App


The delivery and hosting of the server and mobile apps to record and store all data to send directly to Aviva

Apadmi have worked with Aviva Insurance UK to develop and launch their mobile insurance claims solution to enable users to record details of a car insurance claim and send them direct to Aviva via the mobile app.
Users of the app can find and record the exact location of the accident via GPS, collect and record relevant information about other parties involves, call Aviva, the emergency services or friends and family, take photos of the scene as evidence, record audio statements from witnesses and send all information to Aviva via a secure server.
BT Engineer
The app simplifies the car insurance claim process; claims are communicated and processed immediately and is open to all Aviva customers. Apadmi were responsible for developing and hosting both the server and mobile apps to record and store all of the data and send it to Aviva HQ.

“This a great mobile app! It takes much of stress and admin out of being involved in a car incident along with speeding up the process and making it more efficient for customers and Aviva employees. ”

Nick Black

CEO at Apadmi

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