Personalising and streamlining the music experience of over 3 million people

BBC Music

BBC music app 1

Collaborating with the BBC to deliver a highly-interactive mobile app with all BBC audio content available via one platform

The brief

With millions of listeners tuning in every day, the BBC has a huge array of audio content at its fingertips.

Our brief was to collate all that into one place via a mobile app, so listeners could re-live their favourite musical moments, from live performances and exclusive interviews, via their favourite device.

What we did

Apadmi worked closely with the BBC design team to ensure the perfect blend of musical storytelling with high-quality digital functionality.

The BBC Music app curates all content from the past week, while providing access to a huge archive of past performances, from Live Lounge to Glastonbury footage.

If users heard a new song and wanted to know the name and artist, our developers built the Find a Track tab. Just enter the radio station and the approximate time you heard the song, and the app would display the full list played during that timeframe.

Users could browse the BBC’s extensive music library, construct their own playlists via My Tracks, and even export them to their favourite platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.


BBC music app 2

The results

With over 3 million downloads and counting, the BBC Music app has changed the way users consume BBC Music through the BBC.

It’s regularly updated and promoted at huge music events (Glastonbury) giving users the opportunity to listen to content the may have otherwise missed during the live broadcast.

Since launch, we’ve implemented further UX and UI improvements, including enhanced search options and recommendations based on previous listening habits.