The world's first Out-Of-Home advertising platform, available to everyone


A revolutionary digital advertising company combines artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies to personalise customer experiences whilst collating valuable consumer data
£1.5 million
of funding secured

What we did

Bidooh started with a concept – an idea to create a worldwide digital advertising solution that would bring billboards into a new era.

Bidooh became a “transparent, self-service, real-time digital advertising platform”, which allows companies of any size and budget to market their products and services.

It’s unique proposition is that it uses artificial intelligence and facial analysis technology to tailor the advertising displayed directly to the viewer. These valuable insights into target audiences can then be viewed by the companies via the platform.

We architected, built, designed and tested Bidooh’s technology stack from the ground up with enormous scalability in mind, creating the intelligent ad-platform you can see around the UK now, with ease-of-use at the forefront of its design. Aside from our technical expertise and resource, we’ve provided senior support for the team, including interim CEO responsibility.

Bidooh advertising platform

Where is Bidooh now?

After securing £1.5 million of funding and with a number of high-profile investors secured, Bidooh has started work on its plans to scale up.

Currently at market and live and revenue-generating in several locations across the UK, they have rapid growth plans for the future.

We’ve also just signed an overseas deal to market the Bidooh way of advertising across part of Europe and Korea.

You can find out more about Bidooh over on their website.