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Driving digital engagement through personalisation and innovation for Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza dominates the digital fast-food landscape with launch of new app

Domino’s called upon mobile technology specialists agency Apadmi in 2019 and work began to relaunch the existing native app in 2020.

Working together, we geared up to build one of the largest pizza-ordering apps. The app would feature a market-leading user experience design for ecommerce users – while retaining the Dominos brand values and service reputation. 

The new UK and Ireland Domino’s Pizza app launched to Android and Apple users in 2021. An extensive usability testing programme was carried out prior to launch, to ensure the new app performs specifically to the needs of the Domino’s customer base, while continuing to drive sales conversions.

Apadmi’s mobile experts have been at the forefront of the development programme and will continue to work with Domino’s on further optimising the app and future feature releases.

“The Domino’s app is the driving force of our digital offering, but our vision is to push the boundaries and reimagine its potential. We selected Apadmi to help us realise this vision and we have been working together in close partnership to bring the new app to life. We’re pleased to release a more personalised experience and some market-leading ordering features, with a fantastic initial response from our pizza fans.”
Kelly O'Connor
Mobile App Product Manager, Domino's Pizza

The new app includes cutting edge features developed by Apadmi, such as:

  • Personalised welcomes and a simplified deals experience

  • Save your favourite customised pizza and give it a name

  • Dark and light modes for easy-on-the-eye ordering

  • Google pay on Android devices

  • Quick short-cuts to add your favourites straight to your basket

  • Easy selection of alternative delivery with In Car Collection

  • Exclusive group ordering feature

“Although our previous app helped to deliver over 90 million pizzas every year, we’ve always wanted to do more. Now we have Apadmi onboard as our app partner, we’ve begun to realise what’s possible, and just how far we need to go to keep up with the leading digital tech that’s out there. Back in the sprint phases during our initial tender, Apadmi were the stand-out agency – not just in their capabilities, but in the way they think and communicate. We’re really excited to see where this partnership takes the brand and our growth over the next few years" “We always take care with our unique finishing touches, like our hand-stretched dough, or our perfectly placed pepperoni, so we approached the app updates in the same way. “We've listened to fans so we know personal touches will make this update extra useful and early reviews have been very promising. As the nation reunites this summer, we know a smart new app is the perfect partner for quick and easy piping hot Domino's deliveries.”
The Domino's Pizza Team
UK and Ireland

Our award winning app...

"We're elated to have won 'Food and Drink App of the Year' at the 2021 UK App Awards. After a couple of years of innovation and constantly pushing the creative boundaries with new UI and UX, this award provides the app with the fantastic recognition that it deserves. Our close partnership with the Domino's team has allowed us to integrate our skills and offerings with their historic brand identity to reform the Domino's app for their UK and Ireland customers. We're pleased to have brought a more personalised experience, including never before seen features such as group ordering and in-car collection to their customers. Together, we're paving the way for pizza fans across the two nations!"