Digesting complex data sets in real-time for engaging stakeholder presentations

Financial Reporting App

AstraZeneca app

Creating a mobile platform to integrate within AstraZeneca’s database, collating business-wide records and stats to produce accurate business performance forecasts

The brief

Global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca employs over 50,000 people worldwide, and operates in over 100 countries with millions of patients taking their ground-breaking medicines.

In a business of this size, the reporting and visibility of results is always a challenge.

In 2013, alongside their design agency TBWA, we were briefed with the task of building a mobile solution that would allow their team to consolidate and report on real-time sales data, before displaying it in an interactive way.

What we did

We built a tablet-based AstraZeneca app to report on the company-wide sale of pharmaceuticals.

No easy task within a 50,000 employee-strong business, but we worked closely with their team to understand what data was required and they best way to translate that for their executive board.

We then built the ideal solution, designing features to collate every piece of data into simple graphical formats and KPI metrics – and in real-time thanks to our integration work with their legacy IT systems.

The end result was a tool that could be used anywhere, at any time by their sales team – a wide variety of customisable, interactive dashboards on offer deliver crucial business data in an engaging way.


AstraZeneca app

The results

The AstraZeneca app means key internal stakeholders can now digest large quantities of data through clear and concise dashboards.

They can view everything from performance forecasts to real-time sales figures, helping them to make better informed, evidence-based company decisions.