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MediaCom Creative Mobile Workshop


A creative mobile workshop focused on idea generation for relevant mobile use cases.

Apadmi have worked with creative agencies across the North such as Mediacom to deliver highly creative and interactive mobile workshop sessions to generate innovative and relevant use cases for mobile within their respective industries.
Mobile innovation is at an all time high. It’s important that brands and companies are embracing a mobile first ethos; one that encourages dynamic and creative thinking. Apadmi have engaged with MediaCom to host an 'APPrentice' workshop; a session for up to 25 employees that strips back the tech and relies on ingenious ideas; the place where all great innovation starts!
Working in small groups, teams were tasked with generating an app concept to meet a highly tailored and relevant industry brief. Teams had 30 minutes to explore their proposed solution's objectives, features and functionalities along with the app's look and feel using wireframing documents. The Apadmi team were on hand to sound ideas off and provide suggestions and insights. The sessions acted as food for thought and a well structured basis to initiate discussion and explore future plans for mobile.

“Interactive workshops to to help companies innovate and explore mobile in new and exciting ways”

Nick Black

CEO of Apadmi

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