Our Work: Alere Medical App


Medical Platform


The server software with fundamental and transformational effects on the way in which HIV is monitored and managed.

Apadmi have worked with global diagnostic and service provider, Alere, to create the server software to manage Alere's HIV testing devices across the African continent.

A medical platform with groundbreaking results in the developing world.

Amongst the diagnosis of other diseases, Alere have aimed to solve ongoing difficulties in managing HIV amonsgt the African population. Individuals diagnosed with HIV traditionally spend many days travelling by foot to the nearest clinic to have their blood taken in order to monitor their CD4 (HIV count). Often there are unrealised errors in testing and long lead times for results.
By producing the solution that accompanies the supplied device, blood tests can be conducted and results received within 20 minutes. It's rapid response means that results can be provided at the point of test, generating near real time data on the virus for patients and administrators alike.

“Collecting, collating and analysing field data from remote testing sites is a vital component of successful program management, yet can be time consuming, inefficient and at times a barrier to continuous patient service. The Alere Connectivity solution solves this problem by connecting your remote Alere Analysers to a centralised data warehouses”


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