Using mobile to encourage the continued learning of UK medical professionals

My CPD App

My CPD app

Collaborating with one of the UK’s most vital medical regulatory bodies, and using technology to ensure that only the highest professional standards are maintained across the country

doctors consulted for input
doctors with access to the app

The brief

The General Medical Council (GMC) is the UK’s independent regulatory body for doctors.

They set standards across the country for student and qualified doctors, helping to improve their education, ensure best practice and support medical professionals in achieving exceptional standards of care.

Doctors are obliged to keep their knowledge and skills up to date throughout their working lives, via continued updates to their professional development (CPD) log – it was this the GMC needed help with.

They wanted to make this process easier for doctors to do with mobile technology  and their knowledge of healthcare . In 2014, they asked us to create a mobile solution that would promote and support professional practice amongst doctors, whilst digitising the entire process.

What we did

We asked over 120 doctors from different specialities, at different stages of their careers, to give us their input on the key requirements of the mobile solution.

It was clear an app was the best platform, and we were keen to create a UX and UI design that would fit seamlessly into the way medical professionals worked.

From all this, we created the my CPD app for both iOS and Android that transformed the way CPD logs were updated – faster, easier and more intuitive, encouraging more medical professionals to use it on a regular basis.

Doctors would start off with a dashboard that illustrated how far away from specific achievements and qualifications they were.

It highlighted progress they’d already made, and meant they could easily record details of their CPD tasks, from training programmes to attendance at relevant conferences and meetings.

Encouraging their learning was critical, so we added a feature where the app suggested other seminars they could sign up for too.

Doctors could even capture evidence to put forward for appraisals, allowing doctors to collate sets of information, export it to a PDF and use it for reviews.

The results

The My CPD app was rolled out across the UK, and can now be used by over 280,000 registered medical practitioners in the UK, helping them to be more productive, and continually develop their skillsets.