Creating a personalised, premium travel booking experience for on-the-go clients

my TC app

my TC app

Collaborating with a luxury travel agency to personalise and enhance their customer experience through mobile

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The brief

Travel Counsellors value customer service.

This premium agency provides bespoke, luxury travel packages, and they wanted every element of the customer’s experience to consistently deliver those brand values.

They approached us with a challenge: they needed a mobile solution that would allow all clients to manage their bookings whilst on-the-go, view their itinerary and contact their their personal Travel Counsellor at any time, from any location, with just a tap.

They wanted us to leave the “human touch” in, using tech to streamline and enhance the journey.

What we did

We held focus groups and workshops with company specialists to determine the best mobile solution for their business.

In this case, the my TC app – through an intuitive UX design, clever functionality and the use of stunning imagery within the UI that reflected those premium brand values, we were able to develop an app that met all their requirements.

Holidaymakers could store trip notes, access travel documentation and refer to their real-time itinerary all in one digital space – and accessible anywhere in the world, even when offline.

We added a couple of peace-of-mind functions too; clients could contact their personal Travel Counsellor quickly and easily through a single tap, while we also integrated the platform with social media so users could share trip details and contact information with friends and family.


my TC app

The results

The my TC app provided that final stage of the customer journey, giving Travel Counsellors a richer way of delivering content.

With a strong working relationship, we’re taking care of their future updates, bug fixes and maintenance via our on-going support contact.

Mobile is now playing a key role in their success too. The company is investing £1m each year into its IT infrastructure, and MD Steve Byrne cited this investment as the key differentiator for their revenue growth of 22% in 2017 – the 11th consecutive year of double-digit growth.

“Travel Counsellors is synonymous with high levels of personal service, and that unique selling point has been encapsulated through a digital medium with the launch of this app. Using the very best technology, combined with a caring heart to connect people is fundamental to our business – and that is brought to light with this app.”
Rob Snelson
IT Director, Travel Counsellors