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Apadmi collaborated with Travel Counsellors to create an app that flawlessly manages bespoke holidays from wherever clients and staff are in the world. Plan your holiday and contact your own personal Travel Counsellor directly through the app.

my TC provides personalised information about all your bookings, and gives you a countdown of the days until departure to get you excited about your upcoming trip. During your journey, it provides access to all your travel documentation and itineraries (even when you’re offline), and you can contact your Travel Counsellor instantly at the touch of a button.

What we delivered

Apadmi collaborated with Travel Counsellors to create a unique app that complements their mobile offering for customers, allowing them to create holiday memories that last a lifetime.

It's the first consumer-facing app for Travel Counsellors. Allowing a personalised booking process, coupled with stunning imagery, you can also store trip notes for each part of your holiday.

Access to all necessary travel documentation, from wherever you are in the world, even without a Wi-Fi connection. There's even an in-app countdown function to get you excited for the holiday!

Fuel your wanderlust with our easy to use app from Apadmi and Travel Counsellors


Global operations
What's your dream holiday? With the Travel Counsellors app "my TC" you can plan it and modify your trip, down to the last unique and bespoke detail. Book, plan and create your perfect holiday from the comfort of your own home, from work, or even from the airport as you return from your last voyage.

Used worldwide in 25 countries

The app allows a platform for both leisure and corporate customers access to any necessary information, all travel documentation and a direct line to your own personal Travel Counsellor. You can even plan your holiday down to the last detail, all through myTC. It's a personalised app that you can use as much or as little as your like, to have a bespoke holiday package just the way you like it.

The my TC app has integrated social media so you and your holiday buddies can share you trip with friends and family back home. Share contact details, show off your lovely hotel room, put your mum's mind at rest if you're traveling alone - all by downloading the Travel Counsellor's app.


Number of uses within a week

Travel Counsellors' investment - across all digital channels, not just mobile - has paid dividends over the previous few years. In July 2017, the company announced it had seen annual revenues hit £500m for the first time ever. This came after 11 years of consecutive double digit revenue growth.

“Travel Counsellors is synonymous with high levels of personal service and that unique selling point has been encapsulated through a digital medium with the launch of this app. Using the very best technology combined with a caring heart to connect people is fundamental to our business and that is brought to light with this latest development.”

Rob Snelson

IT Director, Travel Counsellors

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