Using innovative technologies to identify consumer behaviours for global brands


Real moments, real actions and real intelligence captured using big data analytics, revealing the big picture of today’s digital consumer for research and marketing professionals sums up RealityMine
£11 million
raised in funding
30 countries
live worldwide

Where it began

RealityMine began life as an Apadmi spin-out. We met market research entrepreneur Rolfe Swinton in 2009, and several meetings and beers later, we evolved an idea together that would be the foundation for RealityMine.

He had a concept that was bound to shake up his industry: a company that would provide businesses across the globe with contextual data and behavioural insights into their customers. It would boost the efficiency of their advertising spend, ensuring a stronger ROI on multi-million-pound marketing decisions.

Together, we turned this vision into a reality, creating a concept prototype, which then became a funded project and a global name – all through the combination of his sector knowledge and our tech expertise.

What we did

We donated our CEO Garry to Rolfe’s team, before building the initial software prototype. Once the MVP had been proven at market, we architected a much larger solution – now known as their RealityMeter.

We designed, built and tested it before transferring the IP over to RealityMine, who took that technology forward to scale up. Our partner then sold that technology, and we created a joint venture which went on to take a large seed investment.


Where are they now?

We’re now a shareholder in RealityMine which is live in 30 countries worldwide, supplying data to three of the largest market researchers globally.

They provide data insights to some of the world’s leading brands across a breadth of industries, and in 2016, they raised £11 million in funding and have ambitious growth plans over the next few years.

You can find out more about RealityMine over on their website.