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Working our socks off (for a good cause)

Mar 02, 2017 - Blog

It’s always good to give something back to people who are less fortunate than yourself. It doesn’t have to be a lot; every little thing makes a difference.

It’s even better to hear of someone creating a business based on these charitable foundations. But that’s exactly what Stand4Socks has done. The company was started by Josh Turner in 2015 off the back of a single question: “What if socks could change the world?”

Simply put, every pair of socks that gets sold by Stand4Socks is linked to a United Nations Global Goal (such as planting 10 trees or vaccinating children against measles), and the proceeds of that sock-sale then goes back to that particular United Nations Global Goal cause.

Of course, when your business is focused on helping people throughout the world, the manufacturing process needs to be a key consideration. Josh and his team spent over a year finding the right manufacturer for their socks who shared Stand4Socks’ vision and high values. “Producing quality, uniquely designed socks shouldn’t cost the planet and human rights. Simple.” says Josh. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

So after hearing about Stand4Socks, its mission and values through the work it has been carrying out with our sister company Apadmi Ventures, we thought it was only right to give a little back ourselves. A pair of socks for each day of the week worn by some of the team in the Apadmi office. It’s not a lot, but if everyone does the same, the world will be a better place. Not to mention they look awesome as well.

To help make someone’s life better, visit the Stand4Socks website.