Apadmi Asks: Is the ubiquity of tech consistently useful?

by Apadmi|Sun Mar 26 2023

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Tech is increasingly everywhere, but are we able to always make use of it? There are limitations around access to hardware, connectivity issues or just having the expertise to know where and how digital products can make a difference.
We talk to science and technology correspondent from The Economist and author of The Water Book Alok Jha about tech poverty, how his role as a technology journalist has evolved and how tech can help with managing the world’s most precious resources, including water. 

We discuss

    Getting connected and identity theft

    How has journalism changed through technology?

    Technology is ubiquitous, but not everyone has access

    We’re using connectivity for different things around the world

    How is technology helping to preserve our most precious resource?

    The combination of technology and changing behaviour

    Gamification for positive change

In deze aflevering spreken we met

Apadmi's Group Content Director Jake Sargent and Alok Jha, Technology correspondent for The Economist and author of The Water Book

Jake Sargent Headshot 520 x 520
Jake Sargent, Group Content Director
Jake is a digital expert and leader with 20 years' experience in delivering award-winning campaigns, digital strategy, content and platforms that solve customer and client problems. Jake works across the Apadmi group to engage its clients and customers with innovative campaigns and strategic consultancy.
Alok Jha Headshot
Alok Jha
Alok is science and technology correspondent at The Economist and author of The Water Book. Previously he was a Wellcome Trust fellow and has also worked at ITV News, the Guardian and the BBC. Alok will be leading the discussion with a panel of industry experts on the problem-solving power of great digital products in business.

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