Apadmi Asks: What's next for technology in financial services?

by Apadmi|Thu Dec 15 2022

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In our first episode, Apadmi Group Content Director Jake Sargent sat down with Chetwood Financial’s Chief Product Officer, Julia McColl, to consider whether digital is making some banks more equal than others:

We discuss

    Have digital products levelled the playing field for financial services providers?

    Have traditional banks finally caught up with challenger banks in 2022?

    What does the future hold for finance providers - and what does that mean for their customers?

    What are the big things having an impact in the Financial Services industry?

    Do you think the bigger banks find it difficult to juggle multiple offerings and create sub-brands within one master brand?

    Do you think creating digital products that deliver great customer experiences can be the biggest deciding factor on which financial services provider to use?

In deze aflevering spreken we met

Apadmi's Group Content Director Jake Sargent interview's Chetwood's Chief Product Officer, Julia McColl.

Jake Sargent Headshot 520 x 520
Jake Sargent, Group Content Director
Jake is a digital expert and leader with 20 years' experience in delivering award-winning campaigns, digital strategy, content and platforms that solve customer and client problems. Jake works across the Apadmi group to engage its clients and customers with innovative campaigns and strategic consultancy.
Julia McColl Headshot
Chief Product Officer at Chetwood Financial Limited
As a founding member and part of the Executive team, Julia has led Chetwood from start-up to scale-up. As Chief Product Officer, she is focused on delivering against the strategy with innovative, consumer-led products that deliver sustainable returns. She is obsessed with customer research and delivering a seamless customer experience.


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