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by Apadmi Product Marketing Team|Thu Jul 07 2022

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Building a great product is the first step. What happens when Apple unexpectedly changes its guidelines? What if no-one is finding your app? What should you do with the mountains of user data you are suddenly inundated with? For answers to  all these questions and more, meet the Apadmi performance team.

Born from a desire to ensure the fantastic digital products created by Apadmi continue to perform through monitoring, maintenance, product marketing and data analysis, the Apadmi Performance team comprises a range of digital experts who specialise in keeping your technology constantly moving forwards.

The team leans on a blend of skills which enable them to do this. So who are they and what makes them such experts at making apps a success?

Matt Hunt - Head of Apadmi Performance


Q: What is Apadmi Performance and what role does the team play at Apadmi? 

A: We’re here to support and optimise our clients' digital products and help 

them to reach their full potential. We get involved when a digital product is ready to launch, or is already live. We ensure the right level of support is in place to bring resilience and reliability to the service, as well as ensuring the product reaches maximum users both organically and through promotional techniques. When people are using the product, we engage with them to solve their problems, get their feedback and use this information to continuously improve the technology, and the overall service.

We also look deep into the data to understand how the technology is performing, as well as how the users are behaving, and use this information to make decisions on how a digital product can and should be improved.

Personalisation is also a big part of it in order to understand user and groups behaviour, and identify which users are likely to engage. 

Performance doesn’t come from a single event or action. You have to take a marginal gains approach. We also take a partnership approach, collaborating with clients by combining their knowledge with a team of performance and optimisation experts to help unlock the real potential of their digital product.

We’ve actually been providing support, maintenance and optimisation for our clients since Apadmi was founded in 2009. Our Performance team was created to meet the growing needs of our clients, as digital products evolved to play increasingly business critical roles. 

Our performance team has doubled in size over the last 12 months. We’re currently (July 2022) are a multidisciplinary team of 16 across development, product marketing and data science. We work across sport, retail, financial services, healthcare and beyond, with a single-minded focus on digital product performance.

Jess Hill - Senior Product Marketing Executive

Jess Hill Headshot

Q: What does an average day look like?

A: No day is the same for us, and responsibilities are very much project-dependent. Responsibilities can vary from reporting any key findings in  stand-ups, to monitoring app reviews and ratings, to pulling together in-app events.

Q: What trends are you seeing in your area?

A: Since the launch of iOS 15, I’ve noticed more apps utilising Apple features, such as in-app events, to optimise on the App Store. It will be interesting to see if Google releases anything similar. The ongoing cat and mouse between Apple and Google is fascinating to watch.

Q: What’s the most important part of how Apadmi Performance supports app success?

A: Being in Product Marketing my slightly biased view is promotion is of course the most important part. With more than 1.8 million apps on the app store and more than 600 million weekly app store visitors, there’s competition for your app to stand out from the masses. We’re here to help the performance and visibility of your app. Everything starts with the product page, it's the most important customer touchpoint.

Allan Lehan - Head of Data Science

Allan Lehan | Circle Headshot

Q: What does the Head of Data Science do at Apadmi?

A: I get involved in projects at many different stages. It can be anything from advising new app clients about what analytics they should build into their app to diving deeper into data to help clients better understand their customers. I can help to identify any bottlenecks in the customer journey. I also build dashboards to help automate reporting.

Q: How does data make a difference to app success?

A: In my role, it’s the way we help our customers make better use of their data. Whatever the stage of their data journey, we help our clients with everything from  setting up analytics in a new app to investigating how machine learning models can increase user loyalty. We’ll usually take a different approach depending on requirements..

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a part of Apadmi Performance?

A: I love the variety! Every client has different needs and working to understand those needs and creating a model which can make a difference is really interesting. Boring it is not.

Tom Hyne - Test Analyst

Tom Hyne headshot

Q: What does an average day look like for a Test Analyst?

A: My day mainly consists of testing releases from our monthly maintenance tasks or support tickets, as well as raising defects with developers on standups. I’m kind of the person who keeps everything running. 

Q: What’s new in the world of testing?

A: There’s a continued shift into UI automation with Test Engineers becoming a more prominent role in the industry, which is great for me! It’s essential the quality levels of automated tests can match manual testing, while reducing the length of time required and increasing coverage.

Q: What do you enjoy most your work in Apadmi Performance?

Being exposed to all areas of the business is great and I really enjoy being a part of the Apadmi Performance leadership team and helping to shape the business as it grows.

Jakub Reginia - Software Engineer (Mobile Development)

Jakub Regina | Circle headshot

Q: Tell us about an average day

A: My daily tasks consist of identifying which of our varied customer base may need attention. Predominantly I focus on fixing bugs, updating dependencies, monitoring the apps for stability, and app presence and compliance with the app stores.

Q: Are there any new trends you’re noticing in development?

A: Google and Apple are increasing their overall app security and compliance is becoming more important. What I see is the industry maturing from a ‘laissez faire’ environment to one more focused on security and legality. 

Q: What would you say is the main value of the  Apadmi Performance team?

A: The mobile app space is constantly changing; so you can never launch and leave. Technology shifts and security changes mean an app written two years ago might not even work correctly now. We help to not only mitigate against things like that, but we also help to keep applications evolving so they continue to perform and do the job they were designed to do as efficiently and effectively as possible..

To find out more about how the Apadmi Performance team can maximise your app’s success, contact us today.

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