Building world class mobile experiences to increase consumer loyalty

by Laura Lightfoot-Marketing Team|Sun May 23 2021

A man shopping in a supermarket

Our latest piece of consumer research, within our Going Mobile report, demonstrates the impact of mobile shopping apps. We’ve revealed the importance of a positive mobile app experience to today’s consumers and the effect this has on loyalty, spend and advocacy.

With research conducted in the UK’s National Covid-19 Lockdown in early 2021 of 1,000 consumers we’re now excited to share our findings with you:

    46% would leave a positive review for the brand with a world-class mobile experience

    45% would recommend the retailer

    41% would be more loyal to the brand

    Over a quarter (28%) said they would spend more money

    We also found out that mobile app shopping is in high demand for younger consumers, with 98% of those aged 16-34 having shopped with a retailer via a mobile app, compared to just 58% of respondents aged 55+.

Demand for mobile innovation in retail is only increasing, with 100% of the shoppers agreeing they are excited about mobile experiences in 2021. The most common future developments consumers are excited to see are cited as virtual reality (36%), mobile-assisted in-store shopping (35%) and social commerce (26%).

What are customers the most excited about?

The research revealed some interesting differences in the demographic responses. Virtual reality was ranked the most exciting future mobile experience for male respondents (40%) and voice-enabled shopping the least (23%), with females opting for mobile-assisted in-store shopping (36%) being most exciting, and augmented reality the least exciting (25%).

What do our experts say?

As part of our research we spoke to Adam Warburton, Head of Digital Products at the Co-op. Here’s what he had to say:

Customer behaviour continually changes, and the pandemic accelerated a shift towards hyper-convenient services with minimal effort. This was obviously felt through growth in eCommerce, but more nuanced was the shift towards shopping local which enables customers to still achieve same-day convenience but with the added benefit of supporting their local community. This is a relatively untapped space from a mobile perspective and is one to watch.

Adam Warburton Head of Digital Products at the Co-op

Meanwhile, our CEO and Co-founder Garry Partington added:

No one was expecting the world to change the way it did in 2020. Overnight purchase habits changed, the interactions between retails and their customers were thrust forward into a digital world, as people who were previously slow in digital uptake, were forced to use digital, and many found they enjoyed it!

Garry Partington CEO and Co-Founder at Apadmi

As we come out of the pandemic, each retailer must acknowledge and adapt to the new customer behaviours that have developed during the last year and evolve according to their own retail demographic. Mobile is becoming the lead sales platform for retail and we’re experiencing a growing number of enquiries from brands that recognise they need to improve their mobile customer experience, increase loyalty and generate new revenue streams from digital platforms. This will only continue through 2021 and beyond. If you're ready to move you market, get in touch with us today.

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