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How Apadmi reimagined Event UK for the digital age

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HQLondon, UK
SECTOREvent & Hospitality
VENUES SUPPORTED 5000 per week

Belangrijkste prestaties

    Two digital apps, one each for venue managers and contractors

    First product launched December 2022, second product launches April 2023

    A fundamental change in how Event UK and their customers interact

    Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Event UK team

    Consulted on the best app platform for the job - Flutter


Wat je moet weten

Event UK is Britain’s leading provider of payment processing for Britain’s entertainment and hospitality industry, offering pubs, bars and nightclubs an easy way to source and pay third-party contractors. The service acts as an intermediary between those offering work and those seeking it - making it as easy as possible for each to find the other. 

For 25 years, Event UK has been a leading part of Britain’s entertainment and hospitality industry. But recently, they decided to upgrade and modernise their processes with a view to scaling the business. The goal was to reduce manual data entry, reliance on spreadsheets and to put more power into the hands of their customers. 

In 2022, the Event UK team embarked on a bold mission to reimagine this process and offer a digital-first service through two mobile apps - one each for venue managers and contractors. 

To turn their vision into reality, they turned to Apadmi.

“Apadmi helped us reimagine how we work from the ground up. These apps are going to change the game for the venue managers and contractors that depend on us. They’ve made great promises and kept them.”

Matt Hegarty Managing Director, Event UK

Hoe we de markt veranderden

The Event UK team had a clear idea of the features they wanted the apps to offer and had created a detailed plan for the execution of the first app. They had the vision and experience to set the direction of travel, but they needed Apadmi to bring it to life.

Apadmi first identified the best way to build the apps, taking into account the functionality and scope that would be required as well as Event UK’s budget. By far the best option was to build the product on Flutter, making it cheaper, easier and quicker to create the final product and reduce any future upgrade or maintenance costs. It would also be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure and integrate with Google Analytics to process user data, with .Net middleware enabling responses and requests. 

As the project progressed, Event UK began to lean on more of Apadmi’s expertise to refine and adapt their ideas - particularly when it came to the design and user experience. The goal was to create a style that would be memorable, impressive and easy to use for Event UK’s customers. This involved creating a consistent and modern colour palette that would give the apps a clear visual identity. Apadmi also helped refine the user journey to encourage more sign-ups, by reducing the amount of up-front information users had to provide when first logging in. This would remove friction and create a smoother user journey, encouraging more users to sign up.

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Apadmi also worked to refine, adapt and build the features that would make the apps so compelling. In the first, venue managers would be able to advertise work, select contractors, approve invoices and respond to payment queries - all at the touch of a button or swipe of a finger. The second app will allow contractors like DJs or cleaners to book work and request payments with similar ease. The goal was to make it quick and simple for both parties to manage everything from one clear location - saving time for everybody involved.

Now, the venue manager app is complete, with the second to launch in April 2023. Event UK is delighted with both and initial feedback is resoundingly positive. 

As well as that, the apps also lay the groundwork for a planned expansion beyond Event UK’s traditional hospitality base. In fact, they allow any business that uses contractors to sign up and use the service. These changes will fundamentally transform how customers work with Event UK - and Apadmi is delighted to play a vital role in this journey. 

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