The future of customer loyalty in retail

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Thanks for coming

Thank you for attending the Apadmi retail dinner. We hope the combination of good food, great company and useful insights made for an enjoyable evening. Below are a few follow up facts about the impact digital is having on loyalty and personalisation as well as a list of everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Did you know?

From reward programmes to gamification, here are five things worth knowing about loyalty and personalisation in retail:

Mobile payments eclipse debit cards in 2021

32% of online purchases were made with mobile wallets last year, compared to 29% with debit cards.


Creating a programme people will pay for

US pharmacy CVS has 74 million members in its loyalty programme and has impressively turned it into a paid subscription service, with members paying a monthly fee in return for personalised offers, vouchers and savings via its mobile app.

People want personalisation, not points

3 out of 5 customers in the UK don’t think the brands they are most loyal to are doing enough to reward them.

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Gamification is booming and everybody's at it

Retail holds the largest share of the global gamification market, which is expected to grow by up to 25% by 2025 and reach a whopping $20bn.


Good CX is the ultimate loyalty programme

76% of customers who feel appreciated, valued and have a good customer experience will repeat spend with a brand and 87% are prepared to recommend and be advocates.


Taking a seat at the table...

Neil Memmott, Head of Technology, Digital Customer Experience, - Connect on LinkedIn

Chris Dee, Co-Founder and CEO, MALTDAQ - Connect on LinkedIn

Chris Barker, Head of Digital Products, Travel Counsellors - Connect on LinkedIn

Clive West, Group Digital Director, Domino's Pizza UK and Ireland - Connect on LinkedIn

Scott Jefferson, Chief Commercial Officer, Lakeland - Connect on LinkedIn

Vivienne Reilly, Digital Product Manager, Dunnes Stores - Connect on LinkedIn

Brian Kitson, Head of Loyalty and CRM, Dunnes Stores - Connect on LinkedIn

James Wilson, Food Director, Dunnes Stores - Connect on LinkedIn

Jennie Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, My First Five Years - Connect on LinkedIn

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