What our new office space means for us, our clients and you

by Apadmi|Mon Feb 06 2023

apadmi academy office

Towards the end of last year, Apadmi opened a new office space on the 1st floor of our Manchester HQ. The long-anticipated expansion of our office in MediaCityUK marks a pivotal milestone on our company’s journey and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results. 

But what will the new space be used for? How will it help us deliver the absolute best for our clients? And when can you see the new office space in action? Here’s everything you need to know. 

A growing hub

The key priority for the new Apadmi space is to be a hub, in which our growing team can come together, work and collaborate. To do that, we needed a space that catered to the world of hybrid working that’s become our new normal. 

Today, we have over 250 employees across Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Utrecht and Amsterdam. We adopt a hybrid approach to how we work, and for those using our office space, whether that be coming in every day of the week or less frequently, we wanted to make sure that the space would feel like home to everybody - not just those with a fixed desk.

Instead of expanding the desk space, therefore, it made more sense to invest in a space that’s flexible, open and collaborative. That’s why the area is fitted with breakout spaces, meeting rooms, hotspotting areas, private booths and more. A collaborative hub for hybrid meetings, get-togethers and brainstorms - so we can keep that special Apadmi magic, wherever our people are. 

9 Apadmi 3Z7A9146

Home of the Apadmi Academy 

As well as being a collaborative space, the new 1st floor is also about investing in learning and development.

As part of our Apadmi Academy scheme, we provide on-the-job training to those starting their careers in tech, through apprenticeships and our graduate programmes. This new area will allow us to host more training sessions, knowledge-sharing forums and more, to give our talented interns and graduates the best chance at success. 

What's more, we have an entire program of learning and development activities for the wider Apadmi team. Since the new space opened, it’s hosted a ‘learning week’ festival, in which team members from around the company gained knowledge on everything from accessibility to neuroplasticity through sessions presented by their peers and industry experts. The festival was a great success and we’re looking forward to holding similar sessions and courses in the new space throughout the year. 

apadmi academy office

A home for events in Manchester’s MediaCityUK

First and foremost, the new space will be a collaboration and learning hub for the Apadmi team. But we don’t want its potential to be enjoyed by only those who work with us. In fact, we want the new space to be a hub for technology expertise, conversations and networking right across Manchester and the North West. 

We’ll also be hosting regular events, panel discussions, networking sessions and more in the new Apadmi office. In fact, we’ve already christened the area with our very first event - “Set for Success: The Problem-Solving Power of Technology” at the end of last year. It was a fantastic success and a great opportunity to see the new space in action. 

Apadmi events image for blogs

Check out the new Apadmi space in action

Hot on the heels of ‘Set for Success,’ we’re hosting our next event this Thursday, 9th February: “Finding time for the Future.” Hosted by Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright, we’ll be discussing the future of technology, customer experience and much more. Sign up today to get your slot.

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