Apadmi & Wattbike: Driving Innovation

by Laura Lightfoot-Marketing Team|Sat Feb 08 2020

Wattike cyclist

We’ve got exciting news sports fans! 

Apadmi has been appointed as the innovation partner for the massive indoor smart bike brand Wattbike. This is an exciting announcement for team Apadmi, and we’re all eagerly waiting at the start line to begin this large-scale digital transformation project. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come from Apadmi and Wattbike.

We’re sure you’re as excited as we are to dive deep into the immersive, connected experiences that Apadmi and Wattbike will be bringing to market together. 

So, let’s tell you a little more about Wattbike.

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What you need to know about Wattbike

Wattbike are the pioneers of indoor power training. 

Set-up in 2000, they’ve been obsessed with ‘perfectly replicating the sensation of riding on the road and generating the world’s most accurate power, technique and performance data, all within the ultimate indoor cycling experience’. They consider themselves ‘World-Class Smart Indoor Bike Trainers’. 

The idea for Wattbike was born after the founders met with Peter Keen, Performance Director at British Cycling, with the vision of creating the ultimate indoor bike – versatile enough to test elite athletes and beginners alike, powerful enough to deliver the most insightful data to coaches and amateur athletes. 

Eight years and a rigorous testing process later, the Wattbike was endorsed by British Cycling and launched to cycling fans at the Track Cycling World Championships in 2008. In the following years, British Cycling used the Wattbike for talent identification and development of countless elite athletes.

They’ve recently launched the next generation of indoor cycling, the Wattbike Atom 20. They say ‘the best just got better’, check it out.

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Who’s excited at Apadmi and Wattbike?

Working with such an exceptional and innovative company is a dream for Apadmi and presents us with an opportunity to leave our mark on the cycling world. We asked a few Team Apadmi members what they thought of the partnership:

Jasper van de Luijtgaarden headshot

Jasper Van Luijtgaarden, Managing Director, Apadmi

“Wattbike has been headlining the indoor cycling industry for many years now, and as a user myself, I’m eager for our digital experts to hone in on the immersive, performance and data-driven qualities of the brand to fuel world-first innovation for their users. “At Apadmi, we’ve got some eager sports fanatics both on and off the bike, who are supercharged and ready to take Wattbike’s idea of ‘driven to be different’ into each stage of the digital journey.”


Matt Hunt, Chief Client Officer, Apadmi

“Looking back over our knowledge of the sports industry, I’ve always been proud to share our work with SailGP, and so our new partnership with Wattbike is a crucial step to put our experts to the test and drive innovation within sport. I’m confident that their existing digital platforms and eagerness to grow will fuse well with Apadmi’s team of digital innovators and user experience designers and together we can pave the way for next-generation sports.”


Rich Baker, CEO, Wattbike

“We’re so pleased to announce our partnership with Apadmi. Their valuable industry expertise and knowledge of the digital ecosystem will help us continue to lead the way with performance-driven indoor cycling. “We’re living in a time of exciting progression and growth for Wattbike, off the back of investment and emergence into global markets. Sharing this sense of motivation with Apadmi will guarantee premium product growth and an outstanding difference for our customers.”

Apadmi’s work in sport 

This is far from Apadmi’s first foray into the world of sport, we’ve become old pros in the sector with our award-winning work for SailGP and Chelsea FC

Find out more about our work in the sport sector here and, if you think Apadmi could help your business move up a gear in mobile, contact us.

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