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by Matt Rooke-Content Marketing Manager|Mon Sep 26 2022

The Apadmi team sat on the sofas

As many as 87% of digital transformation projects fail to meet their original objectives. Diagnosing a single catch-all cause for this is impossible. There are, however, a few key considerations which can give your project a better fighting chance of success.

After over a decade spent creating digital products that do deliver on their objectives, the Apadmi team know a thing or two about avoiding these traps. And that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in our upcoming event: “Set for success: How to ensure your digital products deliver.” 

We’re bringing together technology experts and leading brands to discuss the following key areas:

1. Investment

All businesses are investing in technology, but how do you make sure money is being spent in the right areas?

Whether you're trying to increase sales, fix an underperforming platform, or learn more about your customers to improve their experience - the right technology can help.

Key takeaway: 

Investing in technology can solve many business problems, but not without managing stakeholders, existing suppliers and having the necessary appetite for change.  

2. Growth

Every business is striving for growth. It’s essential for fuelling progression. Having the right digital product is one thing, but being able to evolve and maintain it is key to sustaining real growth.

Key takeaway:

Think long-term, prioritising agility and adaptability over the specific solution you need now. 

3. Solving technology problems

The frictionless world of fantastic digital customer experiences puts businesses under extreme pressure to deliver results quickly - from both internal business leaders and external customers. 

A big challenge when solving technology problems is the need to balance short-term gains with long-term success.

Key takeaway:

Making technology struggles more manageable requires acting now, with one eye on the future.

4. Discipline

The most common questions asked at the beginning of any digital product journey are likely to be: Can it be done, by when and how much will it cost? Discipline underpins the answer to all these questions. 

Key takeaway:

Clients need the right partner to bring structure and control to define their product vision.

5. Integration

Making different platforms and tools talk to each other is rarely easy and seldom fast. But integrating technology and digital products successfully is essential for any business.

Four areas to consider are making a start, monoliths, middleware and iPaaS.

Key takeaway:

Integration is the lifeblood of any technology project, so consider the potential pitfalls at the beginning.

Hear from the experts 

You can hear more on these topics in person, whether that’s putting questions to our panel or just listening, by signing up for Apadmi’s technology discussion.

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