Drive your business forward with technology

How is technology being used to drive businesses forward?

Understanding how to make the most of the problem-solving power of tech is not straightforward.

From reviewing existing applications, to delivering better experiences for employees and customers, to selecting the right applications for your business, the process is rife with pitfalls.

Digital product consultancy Apadmi is on a mission to get to the heart of where to focus and what the benefits are.

We've identified the following areas to focus on:

    Investment - Is money being spent in the right areas?

    Growth - How can technology support sustained growth?

    Getting help - Understanding the problem and making it solvable

    Discipline - Can the right process deliver fast results?

    Integration - How to solve complex problems


All businesses are investing in technology, but how do you make sure money is being spent in the right areas?

Whether you're trying to increase sales, fix an underperforming platform, or learn more about your customers to improve their experience - the right technology can help.

So where to start?

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Every business is striving for growth. It’s essential for fuelling progression.

In the second article exploring how technology can drive a business forward, we look at why having the right digital product is one thing, but being able to evolve and maintain it is key to sustaining real growth.

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Solving technology problems

A big part of solving technology problems is about balancing short term gains with long term success.

In the third article of five examining how technology can drive businesses forwards, we look at how to make tech stack struggles more manageable.

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The most common questions asked at the beginning of any digital product journey are likely to be can it be done, by when and how much will it cost?

Under-pinning the answer to all those questions is discipline and with the help of Apadmi's Operations Director Greg Robinson, we find out why...

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Making different platforms and tools talk to each other is rarely easy and seldom fast. But integrating technology and digital products successfully is essential for any business.

Here are four areas to consider which can help to make things more manageable.

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