In recent years, we’ve seen technology challenge our clients in the Retail sector, as more customers shop from the comfort of their homes. 

However, many brands are now realising that while technology has disrupted the retail market, it’s also offered a solution. Click-and-collect, customer engagement and digital membership services make it easier than ever to drive footfall and revenue.

At Apadmi, we’re particularly excited about this opportunity. Working alongside industry leaders like Argos and the Co-op we’ve driven customer engagement, footfall and satisfaction.

We believe that while technology has weakened the power of physical retailers, it can also save them.

Apadmi as your Retail technology partner

We’re confident that we can identify and solve business challenges within the Retail sector thanks to our years of experience, deep understanding of digital infrastructure, and technical expertise when it comes to mobile-first digital retail solutions.

We have a wide range of propositions to offer you and your business, from helping you to understand ‘The Art of the Possible’ within tech to enhancing customer engagement and using data to improve footfall and optimise traditional marketing strategies.

What we do

Our services are underpinned by four core pillars: Define, Design, Develop and Drive

Partners in tech

From Microsoft to AWS, we've built up an expansive expert network thanks to our 20+ years in mobile

The latest trends in Retail app development

With a team of almost 200 Retail technology professionals, our office is buzzing with the latest trends and innovations within the sector. Here’s a quick summary of the latest hot topics we’ve noticed: