What does being a Microsoft Gold Partner mean to Apadmi?

by Apadmi|Thu Mar 25 2021

Microsoft surface laptop

This week Apadmi became a Microsoft Gold Partner, joining the highest tier of the partnership scheme to sit alongside some of the biggest and most influential businesses in the world. This partnership is a landmark in Apadmi’s history and, after our recent 10 year anniversary, it opens the door to the next stage of our development as the UK’s leading mobile agency.

We want to share why this news is important for Apadmi and how it will lay the foundation for our future as we grow. 

What is the Microsoft Partnership Network?

“The Microsoft Partnership Network is key to many businesses now, offering experience, information and tools to support rapid business growth across many industries.”Howard SimmsChief Partnerships Officer

The Microsoft Partnership Network is an interconnected global web of businesses that champion Microsoft and its products. The partnership network is a huge asset for any business as partners can access many of Microsoft’s most powerful tools as well as the experience and knowledge from all of the other businesses within the network. 

Members of the Microsoft Partnership Network can fulfil certain requirements to become accredited as a Silver or Gold Partner, with each rank offering different perks and privileges within the community. 

What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

It’s an honour to gain the status of a Microsoft Gold Partner, this level of partnership unlocks lots of doors within the Microsoft community and highlights our ability to champion Microsoft’s suite of products and services.

Howard Simms Chief Partnerships Officer

Reaching the level of a Microsoft Gold Partner involves months of work; training staff in Microsoft skills, gaining accreditations and gathering references from previous clients. It’s a tough goal to reach but it offers many opportunities and benefits as Microsoft Gold Partners:

    Receive more opportunities for business through Microsoft.

    Gain priority customer support.

    Access new and exclusive training programs.

    Develop stronger connections with other members within the partnership network.

    These benefits are crucial for the next stage of Apadmi’s development and growth, making the decision to pursue a Microsoft GoldF Partnership an obvious one for our team.

Looking to the future

This is just the beginning. As Apadmi expands our network of partners must expand with us.

Howard Simms Chief Partnerships Officer and Co-Founder

Apadmi is growing and we’re looking to deepen our partnerships to act as a launchpad for that growth. We are currently working towards a higher level of partnership within Amazon’s AWS community as well as working with Microsoft to continue building upon our partnership to gain accreditations in some of our core sectors, including Healthcare and Sport. We’re also acquiring new partners, recently we joined with low-code solution provider Mendix to offer our clients new low-code alternatives to our regular services. 

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