Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a massive range of products and services including blockchain, customer engagement, mobile apps, gaming technology and front-end web development.

After using the AWS platform for 5 years, Apadmi entered a partnership with AWS in 2018, and has continued to form a strong relationship with the company.

Strategically, Apadmi partnered with this incredible platform to unlock access to a diverse range of tools, skills and contacts, which allow us to offer insight and support across hundreds of industries and disciplines within technology.

Why is Apadmi working with AWS?

A subdivision of Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers support to help digital businesses grow in the form of computing power, storage and content delivery through a cloud platform.

Members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) can offer scaled solutions with the power of Amazon’s hardware and software behind them, perfect for supporting businesses of all sizes.

Through our partnership with AWS, we’ve has been able to access large-scale resources while keeping costs low for our clients. We also have access to AWS training resources, so we gain a better understanding of many different sectors and innovations from the perspective of Amazon, and the other tens of thousands of companies in the AWS partner network.